Barry M Summer Matte Nail Paints swatches and review!

Hello! Today I have swatches and the review for the new Barry M Matte Summer Shades! Aren’t they fab?

Barry M Summer Matte

I have to say I only originally order 4/6 of these colours, but I ended up getting them all! I managed to grab them online at Boots before the official release date! Yay! They’ll be available in Boots stores on June 11th and Superdrug June 4th for £3.99 each.

So here are my swatches and the review! I tried to get a true colour representation in all the photos but this is more difficult than I first thought. Photos all show 2 coats of polish, in order of: bottle shot, without topcoat, with topcoat.

First up is Rhossili which is a fantastic fuchsia purple! It’s highly pigmented and was almost a one-coater, you could probably get away with it if you’re not planning on taking close-ups. Goes on smoothly and the formula is great.

Rhossili Purple

Rhossili Purple

Rhossili Purple with top coat

Next we have Waikiki which is an unusual colour and wasn’t in my first batch that I purchased. I decided to go ahead and buy it anyway and was so glad I did. I actually like this colour, it’s a yellowy-green colour but, as you can see from the photos, it’s a little less pigmented than the others and could probably do with 3 coats as it’s still a little patchy. Great colour though, it’s different!

Waikiki Green

Waikiki Green

Waikiki Green with top coat

Copacabana is a gorgeous pinky toned red that is opaque in one coat basically. Not sure if this one suits me either! Looks great glossy though.

Copacabana Red Copacabana Red Copacabana Red with top coat

Cancun is a vivid teal that leans towards green. It was quite a difficult colour to capture on camera but I hope I’ve done it justice! It’s again a highly pigmented polish, a little less so than Rhossili but is prefect in 2 coats. There’s not much to say about this as it has great application and is one of my favourite colours.

Cancun Turquoise

Cancun Turquoise

Cancun Turquoise with top coat

Up next is my least favourite colour, Miami, not because it’s not a good polish but simply because I don’t do pink and this is an awful colour for my skin tone: I’m very pale. BUT it applies well and is a 2 coater. I expect most people will love this, it’s just not for me! Sorry I just couldn’t get the bottle shot to show the true colour, but on my nails it’s pretty accurate!

Miami Pink

Miami Pink

Miami Pink with top coat

Finally is Malibu, a gorgeous.. well.. blue. I would like to describe it as cornflour but I think it’s slightly darker? I love, love, LOVE this colour. I would have to say it’s my favourite of the collection (closely followed by Rhossili) and I think it’s a must have for summer this year! So bright. Pigmentation is great, as is application.


Malibu Blue

Malibu Blue with top coat

Overall, I think this collection is great. The colours are bright and fun and there’s not really a polish I don’t like in relevance to this! The only issue I had was with Waikiki for coverage but all these polished dry super fast and so a third coat won’t take long at all. One thing I will say is that they seem slightly less matte than their previous Classic Matte Collection BUT they’e still matte, don’t get me wrong. If you’re not a fan of matte, just pot a top coat over and they’re still fantastic colours for summer.

I hope you enjoyed this! I enjoyed swatching them and I can’t wait to wear them this summer.

See you soon! 🙂

C x

P.S. If you were wondering what top coat I used it’s Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl – Fast Drying & Super Shiny Top Coat! I absolutely love this product, it does exactly what is described! Make sure to visit her site and follow her on instagram for more of her products.

Look how shiny it is! Glisten & Glow

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