Barry M Spring 2014 Gelly Hi-Shine Swatches

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I have some more Barry M for you today, the Gelly Hi-shine Spring 2014 collection. There’s only 3 in this one and it includes Sugar Apple, Huckleberry and Rosehip. They’re stunning pastel colours and I wont just be using these for spring! I picked up Huckleberry and Sugar Apple when they came out but only recently purchased  Rosehip, as I’ve said before I’m not a massive pink fan so I was hesitant in buying this one, but I couldn’t have a polish missing from the collection! . The photos all show 3 coats with no topcoat.

Barry M Spring 2014 Gelly Hi-shine

First up is Sugar Apple, a soft mint/turquoise colour. I applied 3 coats of this, although it COULD get away with 2 if it weren’t for close-up photography. It applies well and dries fairly quickly like most Barry M polishes.Barry M Sugar Apple Barry M Sugar Apple Barry M Sugar Apple

Huckleberry is up next, it’s a lush very pale sky blue colour. I LOVE this one and I think it’s my favourite out of the trio. I would say this one definitely needs 3 coats, as it’s still a little patchy after 2, it could do with a little more pigmentation, but again it applies well and dries pretty quickly if you don’t apply the coats too thickly.Barry M Huckleberry Barry M Huckleberry Barry M Huckleberry

Rosehip, a very pale pink, again needs 3 coats. This one doesn’t apply as well and isn’t as pigmented as most Barry M polishes but it still a nice colour so if you think it’s worth the wait of 3 coats go ahead! 🙂 Barry M Rosehip Barry M Rosehip Barry M RosehipEven though they’re meant to be spring colours, I can see myself wearing these throughout the year. They’re so pretty! The one thing I’m a little disappointed in they’re slightly less pigmented than most Barry M’s but it’s doable – they only need 3 coats and for £3.99 each who can argue!

You can purchase these at Barry M online, Boots and Superdrug.

I’ll be uploading the swatches and comparisons for 4/6 of the Summer 2014 Barry M Gellies within the next few days so stayed tuned for that!

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