Naked Nails (& a temporary goodbye)

Hello 🙂

I’m afraid I won’t be blogging for 5 weeks 😦 I have to go away to Ireland for a mapping project for my third year dissertation for uni so I won’t be able to paint my nails! I thought I’d be able to make a few posts to be scheduled for upload while I’m away but I just haven’t had time between exams, popping home for the weekend and packing so unfortunately my blog will be on hold until I’m back… It also means I’ve had to file my nails down to nubs. I study geology so they’re bound to break when I’m scrabbling around in the rocks and dirt for five weeks.

Naked Nails
Naked Nails

I hadn’t realise how long my nails had grown! And now I’m sad and my fingers feel stubby. I aim to try and keep going with a basic nail care routine while I’m out there.. just to stop them going back to what they used to be. I’ll be using O.P.I Matte Nail Envy and Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream to keep my nails strong and healthy while I’m away.

I have a fair amount of blog posts lined up for you when I’m back, so make sure to stick around.. I’m not going forever, I’ve only just started! 😉

I’ll be back in 5 weeks!

C x

June Nail Art Challenge: 15 – Fathers Day

Hello 🙂
I’ve been at home for the weekend and I haven’t been back for ages! Such a nice visit, despite the hayfever… Anyway today is just a quick post as I’m still here, but I have the Father’s Day June Nail Art Challenge for you from Californails on Instagram. Personally, I’m not very happy with these but they represent my dad. He’s a big lover of rugby and used to play, he likes beer (as most dads do) and his job is being a builder, so that’s what I painted on my nails 🙂
I used a base of white nail polish, I’m 99% sure I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White (sorry, I did these before I came here for the weekend!) and the. Used acrylic paints over the top and finished of with a top coat.

Father's Day Nails

On the thumb is rugby posts, the index is obviously a beer bottle, my ring finger is my dad’s old rugby strip, middle finger represents my dad’s glasses (badly) and my pinky is bricks for his job! I don’t like how it looks, it was a poor effort on my behalf, I didn’t have much time… but it’s who my dad is 🙂

I’ll be posting again once I’m back from visiting home 🙂
C x

Barry M Pastel Skittle Mani

Hello 🙂
Today I have my favourite mani I’ve ever done! I’ve used all Barry M nail paints for this skittle mani. I have an unexpected trip home and I haven’t been for a while so I wanted to do my nails for the occasion! I used the textured nail polish in Lady (far left) and Ridley Road (far right), Gellies in Prickly pear (left) and sugar Apple (right) and for the base on all but 2 of my nails Matt White, which I’ve reviewed here.
Barry M Skittle Nails
I started off with my usual, Chip Skip and Nail Envy by O.P.I. My thumb is 3 coats of Matt White and 1 coat of Ridley Road, I used striping tape to get the triangles. My index finger is Prickly Pear and one of my nail studs from Cheeky. On my middle finger is 3 coats of Matt White and 1 coat of Lady. My ring finger is again 3 coats of Matt White and I sponged on a gradient of Sugar Apple and Prickly Pear – I also used striping tape for this design. Finally, my pinky is 2 coats of Sugar Apple and the mini polkadots were applied with my white nail art pen- also Barry M. I finished it all off by applying my favourite HK Girl Top Coat to my index, ring and pinky fingers 🙂

I love these pastel skittle nails 🙂 feels summery. I’d love to hear what you thought of them!

C x

OPI Little Bits of Neon Summer 2014 Review

Hello 🙂

It’s finally here! I know I said I would post this a while ago but I’ve been busy finishing off my exams for uni but now that I’m free I finally have change to write this blog entry!

OPI little bits of neon summer 2014

These are my first OPI polishes AND my first neons! How exciting. I got this set on eBay for £14.99. First off, how cute are the mini bottles!? Unfortunately the minis set doesn’t come with the Put a Coat On ‘boosting base coat’ so I went ahead and swatched without it because I can’t really afford it right now! I’ve already spent too much, I’m sadly on a no-buy. All pictures show polish alone on all fingers but the pinky which is swatched on top of white.

First up is Juice Bar Hopping which is a hot, bright, tangerine orange! This is the least pigmented of the colours, which surprised me and took 4 coats alone and 2 over white. Application was nice and smooth though.

OPI neons 2014 - Juice Bar HoppingNext is Life Gave Me Lemons which is a lime/yellow colour – it definitely has a green colour to it on my nails but looks more yellow over white. This was opaque is just 3 coats and 1 over a white base! I didn’t think it would have such great coverage.

Life Gave Me LemonsYou So Outta Lime is a – you got it – lime green colour, although this doesn’t look too neon to me? What do you think? Opaque in 3 coats but strangely takes 2 coats over white for even coverage. (sorry if it looks a bit streaky on my pinky, I got impatient…)

You So Outta LimePush and Pur-pull is one of my favourites of this collection. It’s a lush deep grape purple, I wouldn’t call it a neon but I love it none the less. It’s opaque in 3 coats but takes 2 over white. Now I REALLY rushed the pinky swatch, my white polish was taking forever to dry 😦 I did redo it but I can’t locate the photo but I promise it looks fab over white – it really pops. I might get time to swatch it again for you at some point.

Push and Pur-pull

The next 2 polishes have an iridescent shimmer to them, which is hard to capture in the photos but it’s visible on the nail. First up is Hotter Than You Pink, which is definitely a hot pink. If you’ve read my blog before I’m not a huge fan of pink so this doesn’t wow me… I can imagine you pink fans would love it though. Opaque and streak-free in 3 coats and 1 coat covers the white fine, which it makes it pop that little bit more.

Hotter Than You PinkFinally, we have my other favourite of the collection – Down to the Core-al. I LOVE this one. It’s a little unusual for me to like a colour like this because they don’t seem to suit me because I’m so pale but I’ll definitely be wearing this one. This one did take 4 coats to be streak free however but only 1 over the white so thats better!

Down to the Core-alI do like this mini collection. I can see me using up some of the polishes, which might be a first… but they are small. I would say do a white base coat first, especially if you’re lucky and have one that is opaque in 1 coat because it will cut down the amount of time spent painting your nails! If you’re on a budget like me, it’s worth picking up this Little Bits of Neon because you get 6 polishes for the amount of about 1 full size OPI – it also means you don’t have to choose!

Litte Bits of Neon OPI summer 2014

Hope you like them, I know I do!
I’ll be back soon with my June Nail Art Challenge for Father’s Day.

C x





June Nail Art Challenge: 11 – Neon Gradient (Barry M White Review)

Hello 🙂
I’ve combined 2 posts today as I used my new Barry M Matt White nail paint as my June Nail Art Challenge base! I only purchased it because my Sinful Colors Snow Me White is running out and my local Boots store doesn’t stock Sinful Colors anymore! 😦 I picked up the Barry M White for £2.99 instead. Pictures show 2 coats on all but my ring finger which has 3.

Barry M Matt White Barry M Matt White

As you can see, it’s not streak free in 2 coats and is also a little patchy with 3! The polish is a bit thin and isn’t very pigmented. It doesn’t beat Snow Me White!, which is opaque in 2 coats! It has a much better formula.

Sinful Colors Snow Me WhiteAnyway, today’s nail art challenge from Californails is Neon Gradient and I decided to use my new summer 2014 neon O.P.I.s. The swatches for the whole collection will be up tomorrow but for now I’ll be using Push & Pur-Pul and Down To The Core-Al sponged over a white base of Barry M. On my ring finger I decided to use striping tape to create a quick nail art design and finished it all off with No. 7 matte topcoat. Simple but I really like it.

Neon Gradient Nails - OPI Neons Neon Gradient nails

I like these 2 colours together 🙂 What do you think?

Like I said, I’ll be uploading my swatches and review of the summer 2014 O.P.I neons tomorrow so stay tuned for that!

C x