June Nail Art Challenge: 15 – Fathers Day

Hello 🙂
I’ve been at home for the weekend and I haven’t been back for ages! Such a nice visit, despite the hayfever… Anyway today is just a quick post as I’m still here, but I have the Father’s Day June Nail Art Challenge for you from Californails on Instagram. Personally, I’m not very happy with these but they represent my dad. He’s a big lover of rugby and used to play, he likes beer (as most dads do) and his job is being a builder, so that’s what I painted on my nails 🙂
I used a base of white nail polish, I’m 99% sure I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White (sorry, I did these before I came here for the weekend!) and the. Used acrylic paints over the top and finished of with a top coat.

Father's Day Nails

On the thumb is rugby posts, the index is obviously a beer bottle, my ring finger is my dad’s old rugby strip, middle finger represents my dad’s glasses (badly) and my pinky is bricks for his job! I don’t like how it looks, it was a poor effort on my behalf, I didn’t have much time… but it’s who my dad is 🙂

I’ll be posting again once I’m back from visiting home 🙂
C x


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