Cupcake Nail Art

Hello 🙂

Just a quick post today. I have some cupcake nail art for you 🙂 I LOVE cupcakes and I’m surprised I haven’t popped some on my nails yet!

Cupcake Nails
Cupcake Nails

For this mani I used Barry M Huckleberry, Rose Hip and Matt White. I drew the design using a thin striping brush and a dotting tool and popped on a cupcake from my Primark nail accessories wheel (which I’ll show you at some point) and a red gem for a cherry! I finished it all off with No7 matte topcoat.

What do you think? I think they’re cute 🙂 even on my stubbies.

C x

Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil Review!

Hello 🙂

I’ve been lusting after this product for so so long! I’ve been following @simplenailarttips on Instagram for well over a year now and the reviews that Ana posts for the Bliss Kiss™ PureNailOil™ are fantastic! I’m going to add mine to the collection.

As I may have mentioned before, I’ve always suffered from dry cuticles and I’m hunting for the perfect product to suite my needs… and… I think I may have found it! I purchased the Starter/Refill Kit, in ‘Crisp’ from (who ship internationally. YAY!) for $19.99. It came to about £15.00 in total – including shipping. There’s also a fragrance free option too. This kit includes a 2ml nail oil pen and a 15ml dropper bottle which is said to be enough to refill the pen 7 times (sorry for the poor photo! I forgot to take a proper one and to be honest I can’t be bothered to go back upstairs – oops). Oh – it also includes a mini booklet containing the instructions and how to do the 3 Day Naked Challenge!

Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil Review

So what do I think? I’ll let the before and after pictures tell you first!

Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil Review


Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil Review

As some of you may know I was away for 5 weeks on fieldwork for my third year dissertation, hence the state of my nails! I’d just spent everyday outside for 30 days! They were dry, splitting and were in some serious need of some TLC but as you can see from the after picture they are 100% improved – thank goodness. The 3 Day Naked Challenge involves nothing but applying Bliss Kiss™ PureNailOil™ for 3 days in row as frequently as your nails need it. It’s a simple concept and worked wonders – as you can see! I’m very impressed with this product, it really does work. My nails soaked it up a LOT for the first day. It felt like I was applying it every 5 minutes. And saying that only half the pen has been used over the 3 days which is pretty good going considering how bad my nails were. It doesn’t leave your nails or fingers feeling greasy either which is another plus.

Have I mentioned how amazing it smells too? Well.. it does. As for refilling, I haven’t tried that yet as I’ve yet to empty the pen – I’ll keep you updated on that one!

I seriously recommend this product to anyone that suffers from dry cuticles, or anyone really! I’ll now be using it as part of my daily nail care routine.

I’ll be back again later in the week for a notd/nail art 🙂

C x

*This post was in no way affiliated – I purchased the product myself and just loved it this much! All my own opinion*

NYC Pinstripe White Review! (& my return!)


I’m back from my 5 weeks away and it was pretty tiresome! I apologise for the slow comeback, but I returned on Friday in the early hours of the morning and I’m still recovering sleep wise. I have a lot of things to review and a lot of ideas for nail art and I mean A LOT. Including, some swatches of neon glitter pastel polishes I picked up on eBay, a nail art kit I got on Wowcher (bare with me on this one), real feather nail art kit from Primark and new nail art brushes (at last). I don’t even know where to begin, so while I get my thoughts together and get organised, here’s a quick review of NYC Pinstripe White.

I’m still hunting for a good white polish. So far Sinful Colors – Snow Me White is my favourite but my local boots stopped stocking it 😦 which is a shame because it’s so cheap and great value for money! I picked up my NYC white when I was in Ireland for €2 (about £1.60) in Penneys/Primark. Which is also a great price!

NYC Pinstripe White

So here it is: first things first, it’s not as opaque as Sinful Colors and took 3 coats to become opaque and streak free. Also it took a while to dry… but overall if you have the patience, it might be worth it for the price.
Here are comparison shots from a previous post of the other 2 nail polishes I own from Sinful Colors and Barry M.  Snow Me White definitely looks the best to me!

Sinful Colors Snow Me White

Barry M Matt White

Please excuse the state of my nails in todays photo (NYC), they’re in recovery! I’m currently trying out Bliss Kiss nail oil which has great reviews. I’m now in the process of completing the 3 day naked nails challenge in hopes of improving my nails! I’ll be posting a review of this product once the 3 days are up and hopefully by then I’ll also know what my next post is going to be!

Stick around for future posts – I’ll be back up and running smoothly shortly!
AND thank you to all those that have stuck around!

C x