Ice Cream nail art – mint choc chip.

Hello 🙂

Just another quick post for you today. I painted these nails a few days ago but didn’t get to upload them, so I’ll do it now while I’m visiting home!

I used my new NYC – Mint Macaroon for this mani. Which is great, it applies smooth and opaque in just 2 coats. Picture shows this, with no top coat. I then added chocolate chips using So Susan in Espresso and for my thumb nail I painted on the cone using Barry M in Lychee over a base of NYC Pinstripe White and stamped on the cross-cross effect. This is my first attempt at stamping, the plates aren’t very good quality as they came in a bumper nail art set I picked up for cheap. BUT it has made me want to invest in some decent plates! (One day). Anyway, I then dribbled one some melting choc chip ice cream 🙂 and obviously mattified it.

I apologise for the awkward hand poses. My fingers just don’t want to bend this way!
I’ve also noticed my cuticles have gotten really dry again 😦 despite using my Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil AND my Burt’s Bees lemon cuticle butter which makes me think it’s to do with the amount of water I’m (not) drinking. I’ve been really bad recently – I just improve this to make nails better!

Hope you like my quick nail art mani 🙂
What’s your favourite flavour ice cream? I’d love to know.

C x


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