Yes Love Neon Glitter Swatches

Hello 🙂

I finally have some swatches for you today!

I got these polishes on eBay about 3 months ago(?) for around £9 and I’ve worn them a couple of times in my manis. It was actually a set of 6 but sadly one got broken on it’s way to me! But I’ll show you the remaining 5. I actually love these…

None of these have names, annoyingly, but are numbered instead. G11-1

G11-1First up is G11-1, a soft pink crelly filled with a multitude of small and large hex neon glitters! The smalls are mostly pink, and some purple, in this one and the large are a mix. I tried to get as many of the different colours out of the bottle in to my nails. This is 3 coats with top coat.

G11-2 Yes Love Neon Glitter G11-2 Yes Love Neon Glitter

Next we have G11-2, this is a lovely peachy coloured crelly, again packed with glitter. This one seems to have less large hexes and more smaller ones in a range of colours – blue, yellow and violet.  Applied well with 3 coats; as shown with top coat.

G11-3 Yes Love Neon Glitter G11-3 Yes Love Neon Glitter

G11-3 is a bright blue crelly. Small hexes are orange, yellow, green and purple and the large are mostly purple, yellow and green. I also noticed that there are some medium hexes in this one! I thought that some nails still seemed a bit sheer.. and then I realised this is only 2 coats! So 3 coats is probably best for this one too. 2 coats shown with top coat.

G11-5 yes Love Neon Glitter G11-5 yes Love Neon GlitterG11-4 is a creamy/very pale pink crelly which is absolutely packed with glitter! As you can see there are all sorts of colours and are small, medium and large 🙂

G11-6 Yes Love Neon Glitter G11-6 Yes Love Neon Glitter

G11-6 is probably one of my favourites but I haven’t actually applied it very well here! Oops. Anyway I’m not normally a fan of yellow but i think because it’s broken up with some other colours, I actually quite enjoy wearing this. Filled with mostly large purple hexes, medium orange and green hexes and small orange, purple and green hexes.

You can see it better on this mani from the August Nail Art Challenge:


G11-4 is the one I’m missing and it had a brighter pink base, so probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it anyway.

I know these are quite ‘spring-y’ colours but I’ve been meaning to share them with you for some time!

C x