A Series of Untried Nail Art: 6 – Stamping

Hello 🙂

Today I finally have stamping! I didn’t want to go too bold for this, as I’ve never done it before and didn’t want to ruin my base.. Next time I know to have more of a contrast because stamping is quite easy!

Stamping Stamping

I used Barry Elderberry and Chai form their Gelly collection. I bought the 16 pcs New Design Nail Art Stamp Template from Born Pretty Store and used plate m64. I also used their stamper too. Both are great quality for the price. I’m definitely going to stamp more. The key is finding the right polishes, Barry Ms seem pretty decent for it. I’ll have to try some others.

1. Saran Wrap
2. Ombré Nails
3. Water Marble
4. Stamping
5. Feathers
6. Foils

7. Splatter Nails
8. Galaxy Nails
9. Nail Vinyls
10. Caviar
11. Dry Brush
12. ‘Drip’ nails (I’ll try and explain this one when I get to it!)
13. Dry Marbling
14. Water Colour

I’ll be posting again on Thursday for a couple of quick swatches from my new Barry M Foils (not new to the world!)

C x


11 thoughts on “A Series of Untried Nail Art: 6 – Stamping

  1. looks great! can’t wait to see your splatter mani. Mine was such a fail!! Thanks for the liebster award as well I will work on sharing and nominating after my vacation 🙂


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