Barry M Autumn Gelly Hi-Shine Swatches

So I had a change of heart on the post I was meant to put up last night. I had been on a field trip for 2 days for my uni course and so by the time I got back from that it was pretty late and I was quite tired so I didn’t get round to posting it. But I decided to make up for it today because I finally got round to being able to swatch the new Barry M Autumn Gellies! I got the whole set of 6 for my birthday from my boyfriend (love him for fuelling my addiction!) but since then I’ve either been really ill or really busy… but today was the day! I’ve used them in a mani before but I hadn’t swatched them yet… So here they are…

All swatches show 2 coats with NO topcoat, unless stated otherwise.Barry M Chai

Chai is a lovely mid-grey. The formula for this is fantastic, as it is with all of them. I feel like it might be a new and improved one compared to the older Gellies? It was opaque in 2 coats and dried super quick too.
Barry M Cardamom

Cardamom is what I want to describe as a dark sage? I’m not sure how else to do say it! I love this colour. I think it’s really appropriate for autumn. Same formula as Chai.
Barry  M Mustard

Mustard is a gorgeous colour, as described by its name it’s a mustard yellow! Now.. my skin tone does NOT like yellows.. at all. BUT this may be the one for me! What do you guys think? Wearing yellow normally makes my skin look a funny colour but I think I look okay with this one on..? This one was a 3 coater, but I think if you’re not planning to take close up pictures of your nails you can get away with 2.
Barry M PaprikaPaprika is a reddy/chestnut brown or the colour of paprika. On my nails, it looks more of a red, but that might be to do with the lighting or my skin tone.. the bottle shot is more true to colour. I’m not sure about this one against my skin but I’ll definitely use it for nail art. Same formula as Chai and Cardamom. 
Barry M Chilli

Chilli is a gorgeous deep red that has a touch of brown colouring to it? Red isn’t normally a good colour for me but again, I think this one kind of goes with my tone 🙂 Such a lovely warm red for autumn/winter! Same formula as all the others.
Barry M Cocoa

Cocoa is a deep rich brown that looks like chocolate. I think it has the perfect touch of red tones to not make it look like a disgusting dirty brown on my nails! The formula is great, first coat looks a bit patchy but it evens out extremely well with the second coat!

This whole collection is a winner for me. The polishes actually go pretty well with my skin tone, which is hard! I definitely think the formula has slightly improved. All of them can be worn as 2 coaters, 2 thin coats too! and they dry super quickly. The colours are great for both autumn and winter and the names are so fitting! I like the spice theme. I will definitely be using these throughout the colder months and Mustard will be making a few appearances as it’s the only yellow I can get away with wearing.

Hope you like the swatches… do you guys think my photos are improving??

C x

15 thoughts on “Barry M Autumn Gelly Hi-Shine Swatches

  1. I’m the same with yellows, they just don’t seem to agree with me, but Mustard looks tempting! And it definitely looks ok on your skin! : ) I’ve recently used and untried, The It Color by OPI, and it also has a hint of mustard in it and I THINK it looks ok, the warmth makes it better with my skin tone…


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