Barry M Foil Effect Nail Paints

Hello 🙂

Today I have both of the Barry M Foil Effect Nail Paints. They’re not new to the shops but are new to me… well relatively. I’ve had these lined up to post about for a while but am only now getting round to it! There are just two colours – gold and silver.

Barry M Gold Foil Effect Barry M Gold Foil Effect

The gold is okay.. it doesn’t wow me! I definitely own better golds.. but I guess it’s okay for £3.99! It applies well.. this is two coats and you could get away with one.. but it does have a tendency to be streaky. Shown without topcoat.

Barry M Silver Foil Effect Barry M Silver Foil Effect

The silver is better 🙂 I think it has more of a metallic feel, although it shows imperfections easier, I’m sure this can be smoothed out though with topcoat and being careful! This is two coats, again it’s opaque in one but needs two to hide the streaky-ness. Although, the silver isn’t as streaky as the gold. This happens to be the only silver I own, that isn’t glitter, so will probably get more use than the gold 🙂

If you don’t own a gold or silver I would say these are definitely worth a buy at only £3.99 each and Boots and Superdrug often having an offer on Barry M polishes.

C x

One thought on “Barry M Foil Effect Nail Paints

  1. You’re right, they both show EVERY uneven anything (especially the silver), BUT it’s my BELOVED polish for stamping – seriously, it always works and I think they’re both gonna be my first ever polishes to USE UP! : )

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