Love, Angeline Dogtooth Nail Vinyls

A Series of Untried Nail Arts: 9 – Nail Vinyls

Hello 🙂

Sorry about missing last week again on this one. I did explain on Instagram – I just simply didn’t want to remove my Sally nails as part of my Halloween nail art just yet! Anyway, I’m back on track with the series with nail vinyls. I got a pack of ‘mishaps’ from Love, Angeline for a discounted price quite a while ago, via a post on Instagram, but I had yet to use them until this mani. I stupidly forgot to take a picture of the vinyls before I used them.. and it was no good taking one after! But I used some dogtooth patterened ones. I’m loving dogtooth so much right now.. including my Primark scarf (featured below!).

Love, Angeline Dogtooth Nail Vinyls Love, Angeline Dogtooth Nail Vinyls Love, Angeline Dogtooth Nail Vinyls

Okay, so for the base the polish I used is… a secret! It’s from a set of three polishes that I won in a giveaway recently. I tried this one on for swatching and really wanted to pair it with black and thought it would be perfect for today’s blogpost. The only reason I’m not sharing is because all 3 will be revealed in a post shortly, once I’ve swatched the other 2.

So after applying 2 coats of my base colour and it was completely dry I stuck the nail vinyls on top of my nails and painted over it with Barry M Espresso. When this polish was still wet, I carefully peeled off the vinyl. Once all dry I applied a topcoat. On my index and pinky is a black rhinestone from a wheel purchased on the born pretty store site.

I love the outcome of this. It’s a very simple and very quick fix for some pretty nail art. You do have to be careful though, if you apply the vinyls when your base colour isn’t 100% dry it can be pulled of on removal of the vinyls. I’ll definitely be using more of these!

1. Saran Wrap
2. Ombré Nails
3. Water Marble
4. Stamping
5. Feathers
6. Foils

7. Splatter Nails
8. Galaxy Nails
9. Nail Vinyls
10. Caviar
11. Dry Brush
12. ‘Drip’ nails (I’ll try and explain this one when I get to it!)
13. Dry Marbling
14. Water Colour

Not many left to go now! A few of the last ones may be rearranged to fit in with my @californails November Nail Art Challenge.

C x


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