A Series of Untried Nail Art: 10 – Caviar


Sorry I’m a bit late posting this, but at least I’m not missing it! Today I have ‘Caviar’ from my untrieds list. Although I wouldn’t class it as nail art, it involves sticking things to my nails and I’ve never tried it before! I only ended up doing one nail because, even though I tried to control them, this is the aftermath of one application….


Anyway, I used Models Own ‘nail beads’ on my index finger over Barry M Espresso, a matte black. I also painted my pinkie with this and used Barry M Rose Hip for the other nails. All finished off with Barry M’s Matte Topcoat.

Models Own CaviarThe way I applied these was once my nail polish was dry I popped on a top coat (Barry M Matte Topcoat) and when it was still wet poured some of the nail beads over my finger and lightly pressed them on to help them stay fixed. I kind of like the look but I don’t think it’s very wearable… Beads will fall off and you’ll end up with lots of gaps. Also it’s a bit too textured for me and kept catching on things.. It’s safe to say they didn’t last long!

1. Saran Wrap
2. Ombré Nails
3. Water Marble
4. Stamping
5. Feathers
6. Foils

7. Splatter Nails
8. Galaxy Nails
9. Nail Vinyls
10. Caviar
11. Dry Brush
12. ‘Drip’ nails (I’ll try and explain this one when I get to it!)
13. Dry Marbling
14. Water Colour

I know I keep saying this, but I feel like I need to reiterate it. I’m sorry I’m not very regular with my blog OR my Instagram at the moment. I really am trying to keep up but I currently have a stack of coursework that needs finishing by various dates in early December, one of which is my dissertation. My blog is important to me but currently I’m putting uni first! I hope no one minds!

C x


6 thoughts on “A Series of Untried Nail Art: 10 – Caviar

  1. For lasting wearability, I typically apply mine with a coat of a thicker topcoat, like SV. The reason for this is that I find color coats, especially matte coats, don’t tend to “stick” as well as a top coat will, since they’re designed as protection barriers. Also, it helps cut down on the mess if you press your nails into the beads, rather than sprinkling. It’s a neat effect that you can make last a couple of days, unless you’re a picker 🙂 I really like how you mixed such a baby soft pink with the black in this mani!


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