A Series of Untried Nail Art: 11 – Water Marble

Hello 🙂

I have another one for the ‘untrieds’ today. Now technically I have tried this one before but I didn’t like it and it was a while ago so I’m trying again! I’m also adding it to my list: it’s water marbling.

Water Marbling Water Marbling Water Marbling

I dropped all the blue Barry M’s I own into a water filled cup and sort of tried to make a pretty pattern, but I can never make it do what I want and this is what I came out with! I think it’s better than last time! The polishes used were Blackberry, Blue Grape, Damson, Blueberry, Elderflower and Huckleberry. On my index and pinky is Blueberry, one of my favourite polishes and my ring finger is painted with Blue Grape. I definitely still need to work on this; I did plan to have my ring finger done as well but it failed…

1. Saran Wrap
2. Ombré Nails
3. Water Marble
4. Stamping
5. Feathers
6. Foils

7. Splatter Nails
8. Galaxy Nails
9. Nail Vinyls
10. Caviar
11. Water Marbling
12. Dry Brush
13. ‘Drip’ nails (I’ll try and explain this one when I get to it!)
14. Dry Marbling
15. Water Colour

I’ll be back in a weeks time with ‘Dry Brush’ which I love the look of!

C x


5 thoughts on “A Series of Untried Nail Art: 11 – Water Marble

  1. you still got a pretty good flower going on there!! i just couldn’t achieve that. i did my very first water marble yesterday 🙂 have fun dry brushing – its so easy as far as nail art techniques go!!


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