Christmas Candy Nails

Christmas Candy Nails *

Hello 🙂

Today I have the first of my Christmas nails! I don’t know how many I’ll get to do but I have a few brainstormed! Today’s post is featuring a couple of products from Born Pretty Store*, so I’ll review those first 🙂


First up, I received the QA19 stamping plate*. Yay chevrons! I think this is a super cute design. I can’t wait to try some more out.. I’ve used the stripy design on my nails below and my stamper picks up the design pretty well! (I’m still a novice..) It costs $1.59 which is just £1.02! Bargain. I actually have more of their plates and they should be cropping up more as I get the hang of stamping/more time to do nail art!

BPS 12 Gllitters BPS glitter red BPS 12 Gllitters

I also received a 12 set of hex glitters* and I used the red glitters for my glitter placement! This is the first time doing it! I think it turned out okay.. (excuse what looks like red on my skin, I think it was just the lighting!.. and the annoying piece of fluff on the end of my finger nail! Grr)…You’ll see it better in the full mani picture! Anyway i received 12 different coloured glitters and all the little pots are full, so I can see them lasting! They were easy for me to pick up using the wax pencil I won a while ago :). I placed them on my nail which had a still wet topcoat on and made sure to apply several layers of topcoat to smooth it all out. In case you wondering… I trimmed some glitter pieces to fit my nails using nail scissors 🙂 They cost $5.16 which is £3.31.

Christmas Candy Nails

And here is my finished nail art! A candy cane, gingerbread man, shiny candy nail and extra large candy cane stripes! I love how this look turned out 🙂 It got me feeling all festive when I was making it. I used Barry M matte white for the base on all nails but my ring finger. I used acrylic paints and a red stamping polish for the candy cane, Barry M Lychee and acrylic paint for the gingerbread man, a red stamping polish for the base of my ring finger and the BPS glitters, and finally the same red stamping polish and the stripe design from QA19 for my pinky!

Hope you like it as much as I do and don’t forget you can get 10% off at BPS by using the code TDG10 at the checkout. (also in sidebar).

C x