Swatch Sunday: Poundland Polishes

Hello 🙂

It’s been a bit longer than I anticipated since my last blog post.. sorry about that! But.. today I have some more Poundland polishes for you. At Christmas I swatched some of their glitter polishes but today I have 3 standard polishes from the ‘Quick dry nail colour’ range. The polishes are meant to be ‘High shine, long lasting colour with a quick drying formula’, and are £1 (obviously) for 10ml. All 3 swatches show 2 coats + topcoat.

Poundland: Blood Red Poundland: Blood Red

First up is Blood Red, it’s actually darker than this in person but my camera wouldn’t capture the true colour, unfortunately. It’s opaque in 2 coats and lives up to it’s claim of being fast drying 🙂 I forgot to take photos before a topcoat but it is reasonably shiny without one. It also lasted about 3 days with minimal tip-wear or chipping.

Poundland: Deep Amethyst Poundland: Deep Amethyst Deep Amethyst is a deep, rich aubergine colour – which I love! It’s opaque in 2 coats, dries quickly and again (without topcoat) is shiny. Wearable for about 3-4 days with minimal chipping.

Poundland: Midnight Black Poundland: Midnight Black

Midnight Black is a very good black. Opaque and super shiny without topcoat, I just used one to smooth things out a bit. The formula for this is a bit different to the other 2… and seemed to chip easier but I change my nail polish so often that it doesn’t bother me too much.

For £1 each these polishes are a really good bargain. The only issue I have with them is that, although the brushes are nice and wide, they’re a bit square for the shape of my cuticles so I had some clean up to do… But other than that.. no problems for the price! They apply relatively well, dry quickly and have a nice shine too them.. I would add topcoat though just to prolong the wear-time.

C x

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