Tipped Off Nail… Art Challenge July – Week 1

Hello 🙂

This month I’ve set myself a challenge, I’ve compiled a number of nail art challenges I’ve found on Instagram for July and come up with this…Tipped Off Nail Art Challenge July…a daily nail art challenge! This is a first for me and really is a challenge. Every Friday I will be writing a blog post to show the previous weeks nail arts until the month is over! (Yup so sorry, this one is a day late…) So… let’s get started:

Day 01 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly chevron nails

First up is of course Day, 01 – zigzag/chevron in which I decided to do both. My base is Barry M Eat My Dust from their new (ish) Speedy Quick Dry nail paints (which I have swatched here…) topped with China Glaze Fairy Dust and finally I free-hand painted on different designs to each nail with blue acrylic paint and a teeny paintbrush.

Day 02 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly ice cream  nailsDay 02 – ice cream: I used all Barry M polishes for this… (sorry it’s my go to brand!). I started with a base of Lychee and then used Olive to add the cone detailing. I then painted on a layer of Rose Hip for strawberry ice-cream using a dotting tool, and then once dry, used the same method for Coconut. For the sprinkles I used a teeny paint brush and Greenberry, Papya and Prickly Pear. I love this nail art.. I think it’s super fun.

Day 03 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly watermelon nails

Day 03 – Watermelon nails! I had fun doing this one! I think they might be my first watermelon nail art attempt… but don’t quote me on that! I applied one coat of NYC Pinstripe White to my pinky, middle and index finger and 2 coats of Barry M’s Kiwi to my ring finger as my bases. On top of the white I used a sponge to add Barry M’s Watermelon and Rhossili, and NYC Pinstripe White to create the water melon affect. Once this was dry I used Watermelon to add the dark green detailing and a black acrylic for the seeds!

All my nail art is currently just topped with Barry M topcoat, unless stated otherwise.

Don’t forget to come back next Friday for a whole week of summer nail art!

C x

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