Tipped Off Nail… Art Challenge July – Week 2


So this post is definitely 5 days late… Sorry! I was moving house this weekend and then I graduated on Monday and partied meaning Tuesday was a right-off.. but it’s finally here. Days 04-10 of my Tipped Off Nail Art Challenge July. You can check out Week 1 here but make sure you read this post first 😉

Day 04 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly emoji nails

Day 04 – emoji for this one I used Barry M Matte White as a base and just simply painted on the emojis with acrylic paint and a thin paintbrush

Day 05 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly seashell nails

Day 05 – seashells I used Barry M Huckleberry and Damson for the sea gradient on my index and pinky finger and Huckleberry and Lychee for the beach gradient on my other two fingers. The rest was done using acrylic paints.

Day 06 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly stone nails

Day 06 – Stone Again I used all Barry M! Oops. I used Greenberry for the base and used the cling film technique with Matte Black, Matte White and Gold Foil for the rest. This involves just dating a bit of screwed up cling film into the chosen colour and using it to apply it to the nail. I quite liked this look! I originally wanted to used the hairspray method where you drop some nail polish into water and spray with hairspray but something wasn’t working out for me.

Day 07 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly palm tree nails

Day 07 – palm trees My gradient is made up of Full Throttle, Mango and Copacabana – all Barry M and the detail was done using Black Mutli Glitter – which contains tiny holographic glitters 🙂

Day 08 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly fruit nails

Day 08 – fruit because I had already done watermelon I was a little stuck as to what fruit to do but I went with kiwi, strawberry, orange and an apple. For the kiwi I used Barry M Kiwi, Pole Position and black and white acrylic paint, the Strawberry is Copacabana and Watermelon (which looks black in the photo but it’s actually a really dark green) and white acrylic paint, the orange was done using Mango and Full Throttle and white acrylic and finally the apple was created using Key Lime and Matte White and black acrylic.

Day 09 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly skyline nails

Day 09 – skyline I had fun doing this because I just blobbed on 3 of the Barry M Glitterati Collection in Socialite, Fashion Icon and VIP. I then just painted over the top with black acrylic paint.

Day 10 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly matte detail nailsDay 10 – matte detail The base for this design is Barry M Silver Foil and the detail ISN’T Barry M! Hurrah! It’s from Moyra and it doesn’t have a name but it’s a matte navy blue and I just used a striping brush to draw this on. I didn’t top coat this design because of the matte.

All designs are finished with Barry M Topcoat – unless stated otherwise.

I promise this weeks will be (more) on time! Check back on Friday 🙂

C x


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