Tipped Off Nail…Art Challenge July – Week 4


Welcome to Week 4 of my Tipped Off Nail Art Challenge July 🙂 I will jump straight into it.

Day 18 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - geometric nails

Day 18 – geometric I used Barry M Matte White as my base and then, once completely dry, using striping tape I set out my design and coloured in the triangles with Espresso, Cancun and Chai and finished it all off with Barry M all-in-one.

Day 19 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - cut out nails

Day 19 – cut out nails. As I said on instagram this design has been kicking around for a while in some shape or form so I’m not sure who originally created it but most are them are done with black detailing. I wanted to freshen it up with white and make it more ‘summer-y’. I just used scotch tape to block off the part of the nail I wanted to expose and then painted on (from top to bottom) Copacabana, Malibu, Miami and Cancun onto my nails. The final part involved outlining the negative space with white acrylic using a thin nail art brush 🙂 I actually love this design, I think it’s super easy and fun.

Day 20 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - music nails

Day 20 – music. Yeah… I had a lack of inspiration and motivation day and this is what I ended up with… apologies. I basically just painted on the design with black acrylic and added a topcoat.

Day 21 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - mermaid nails

Day 21 – mermaid. I was so looking forward to this one 🙂 This is my first attempt to do mermaid nails and I started with a base of Forest from the Barry M Silk collection. I then painted on the scales free-hand with white acrylic and a thin brush  and finally I sponged on some Silvermist from Lucky Lacquer. I bought all 5 from the collection well over half a year ago now with the intentions to swatch them but so far I haven’t got round to it. In august I will do it! Because they’re so pretty and I want you to see them 🙂

Day 22 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - rainbow nails

Day 22 – rainbow. I struggled to create a rainbow without a true yellow nail polish, all I had was Mustard which as you can guess is mustard coloured. But here we go – from top to bottom I sponged on Sugar Plum, Miami, Copacabana, Mango, Mustard, Key Lime, Cancun and Malibu (all Barry M). I topped it all off with China Glaze Fairy Dust because rainbows sparkle right?

 day 23 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - fav apps nails

Day 23 – fav app. This was also fun. I decide to do the logos for the 4 most used apps on my phone so Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp and Pinterest. For Snapchat I started with a base of Barry M Matte White and then sponged on some yellow acrylic paint before I painted on the design using acrylic paints. For the Instagram design I started with Barry M Lychee and then painted on the stripe of Cocoa along the cuticle area. The rest is again acrylic paint. I started with a base of Key Lime for WhatsApp and Blood Red from Poundland for Pinterest and just used white acrylic paint for the logos.

Day 24 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - flag nailsDay 24 – flags. So tomorrow I go on 2 cruises back to back fro 3 weeks (I’m so excited!) where 1 week is to Norway and the other 2 weeks are around the Mediterranean including Spain, Italy and France. I used Matte White for all the bases and the red used is Blood Red, the blue is Barry M Blue Grape, the green is Barry M Watermelon and the yellow is just acrylic paint.

As mentioned I am going away as of tomorrow so the rest of the challenge will be more difficult to upload to Instagram but there will be a conclusive post next Friday with the final week of designs and a summary 🙂

Don’t forget to check out Week 1Week 2 and Week 3.

C x

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