Tipped Off Nail…Art Challenge July – Week 5


…and welcome to my final week of my Tipped Off Nail Art Challenge! I made it! I actually did every single day, some of them were, well, half-arsed but I did it 🙂

Day 25 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - nautical nails

Day 25 – nautical. My first attempt at nautical nails and I think it turned out pretty good. I used Barry M Cotton for the white, the blue is Barry M Blue Grape, the red is Poundland Blood Red and finally the gold is Barry M Gold Foil. I just painted on the design free-hand with a thin striping brush 🙂 It’s very appropriate for day 25 as the 25th is the day I set sail for the cruise I’m on right now! Yippee!

Day 26 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - travel nails

Day 26 – travelling. Now I’m not sure if you can see but this is meant to be an artistic impression of the world map… I painted on the design in watered down acrylic on top of Barry M Elderberry. Simple concept but not sure it comes across well.

Day 27 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - animal nails

Day 27 – animal. So.. I’m not exactly fond of animal print so I decided to do something not many people do… giraffe print! I used the ‘blobbicure’ method where I painted on my base of Barry M On Your Marks (Swatch up this Sunday 😉 keep an eye out) and then added the final coat of the same colour and while it was still wet I ‘blobbed’ on some of Barry M Cocoa. Simple 🙂 and I love the outcome.

8 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - lollipop nails

Day 28 – lollipop! Woo how cute. For this I just paint on Rhossili and Cancun alternatively in a circular-isn shape just using the bottle brush, both from the Barry M matte collection, and then used Barry M Cotton for the sticks and shine. I finished it all off with Seche Vite which makes the lollipops even more shiny.

Day 29 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - cocktail nails

Day 29 – cocktails This was all done using a variety of nail polishes which to be honest I can’t remember them all! and painted on using a very thing nail art brush.  I think I used all Barry M including Coco, Cotton, Pole Position, Copacabana, Road Rage, Malibu and Black Multi Glitter.

Day 30 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - glitter nails

Day 30 – glitter. I kept this one quite simple just using Pole Position as my base and then taping off the areas I wanted covered and using Lucky Lacquer Tinkerbell (as I said in last weeks post I willl be swatching this glitter collection soon).

Day 31 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - celebration nailsDay 31 – celebrations. Last but not least I decided to do celebrations as my final theme to celebrate the fact that I actually completed this challenge! So this is meant to be a champagne bottle popping… can you see it? I started with Barry Black Multi Glitter as the base colour and then the white and green is acrylic paint and the gold detailing is China Glaze Mingle With Kringle – yes a christmas polish but it’s actually not that far away now 😉

So there we have it, my Tipped Off Nail Art Challenge July is complete! I hope you have enjoyed this series and that you’ve been following it all 🙂 if not you can check out the other weeks here: Week 1Week 2Week 3, Week 4.

Here are all of the designs:

Tipped Off Nail Art Challenge July

And here are my favourites: (which were really hard to choose!) Tipped Off Nail Art Challenge July Favourites

I’ve actually been asked if I’m doing this again next month (aka tomorrow/August) but unfortunately I won’t be as I’m away until the 15th BUT I may do it in September so keep an eye out and join in if you like

C x

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