Nailbox September

September 2015 Nailbox Review


I’ve recently subscribed to one of the new UK nail subscriptions Nailbox. It costs £15 a month if you do the rolling monthly deal but there are offers for bulk payments and the description on their website is as follows:

Nailbox is a monthly subscription box packed full of nail products. Each nailbox contains five items (including three or four nail polishes and one or two nail tools or treatments). We’ll never send out the same polish twice, so there will always be new colours for you to try every single month.

We work hard to curate the best colours from the biggest brands in the nail industry. Delivering a quality selection of nail polish at a great price is our number one priority. We won’t let you down!

Depending on the subscription you choose, it will renew on the first of the month, on a monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annual basis. We’ll always ship your nailbox on Despatch Day which falls on or around the 21st of every month.

My first box arrived a few days ago and although it’s the September box it was halloween themed and it contained some lovely goodies…

Nailbox September

I haven’t tried the nail art brushes yet but they look a decent quality and they came just at the right time too, I needed some new ones. The set is made up of 6 brushes and includes a striper, a detail brush, a glitter application brush, a small dotting/water marbling tool and 2 sizes of square brushes, all of which have clear handles and gold detailing.

Nailbox September Nailsinc queen victoria street

Queen Victoria Street by Nailsinc is actually more of a neon/bright true green than what shows in the picture above but no matter what I tried my camera just wouldn’t capture it – sorry. Anyway it’s 10ml, applied well and only took 2 coats for good coverage so I’m happy although it’s not normally a colour I wear. I’m sure I’ll find a use for it.  I can’t actually find any 10ml polishes on the website but their 14ml retail for around £14 and the minis (4ml) are £5 so I’m guessing this is worth about £10? even so that’s almost the cost of the box made up already!

nailbox september sinful pro shine show off

Show Off, a Sinful Pro Shine colour, is a gorgeous shimmery purple that has undertones of both pink and blue (if possible!) and again it isn’t something I’d normally pick out but this is one of the reasons I’ve subscribed to this box – the value for money, the products used, and so I don’t end up buying all the same colours from the same brands all the time! It’s 11ml (strange size right?) and I found it on the Sinful Nails website for £7.95 – so already with just 2 of the nail polish products we have more value than what we pay for the box!

nailbox september truebrit taxi cabnailbox september truebrit taxi cab

Taxi Cab is a black jelly, which applies beautifully in 2 coats, from a brand I’ve never heard of before – True Brit London. Their nail polishes are 10ml and retail at £10.95. At first I was a bit worried by the cap but I soon realised there is a smaller more manageable cap beneath the big chunky square one.

nailbox september nail apothecary tough flex base coat

The Toughflex Base Coat is a strengthening base coat from Elegant Touch’s Nail Apothecary range, where Elegant Touch give a ‘Suggested Prescription’ based on your nail problems and gives you 2 products of theirs to fix the issue…hmm. Anyway, the information that comes with the product claims:

  • Unique Toughflex Technology creates a strong bond between the natural nail bed and nail enamel
  • Triple complex keratins add strength to weak and brittle nails
  • Cellulose-based, multi-tasking formula acts as a primer for nail enamel and protects against chipping
  • UV Filter protects the nail from discolouration and yellowing
  • Naturally-derived plant keratin promotes healthy, strong growth and structural support

So it claims to be a lot and I haven’t had the chance to trial this properly but I have used it once briefly and it applies smoothly and dries quickly. My only complaint is that it smells a bit cheap and the lid is a bit fiddly to hold but we shall see what I think of it more in the future. It is 14.5ml, so it’s a pretty decent size. I can’t find this exact product on the website but the other products in the range are priced between £6.95 and £8.95 and I’ve just assumed that this would cost you £7.95.

So there we have it – my first Nailbox and to be honest I’m pretty impressed. I paid £15 for this and I’ve received products worth around £40 (if I guesstimate the cost of the brushes) which I think is brilliant. I’m looking forward to seeing what else I receive in the future and I recommend you take a look at their website –

C x

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