Soap Dodger Hand Lover's Gift Set

Soap Dodger Hand Lover’s Gift Set Review

Hello 🙂

I have something a bit different for you today, in the form of Soap Dodger’s Hand Lover’s Gift Set. I find that this time of year I need to take extra care of my hands – particularly my cuticles – as they get so dry in autumn/winter and I need pretty hands to compliment my mani! 
Soap Dodger Hand Lover's Gift Set

First of all I forgot to take a photo of the packaging but it comes in a white box with coloured ribbon and branded brown tag on, which I thought was a nice touch. The set contains Hand Repair Balm (70g), Butter Love/Hand Love (100g), Cuticle Balm (20g), ‘Ard As Nails mini (5ml) and moisturising gloves. The scent for Hand Love and nail polish colour varies but I believe you can request the nail polish colour if you want, just check the website if you do go ahead and purchase this. I received the colour Shorona for the nail polish (which I havent had the chance to swatch yet but I’ll put a mini review on my instagram when I do!) and the scent is Kelleher’s Karma for Hand Love . Here’s the description from the website: This fragrance has top notes of Melon, tagette and geranium leaf, middle notes of Lotus flower, soft lily and jasmine. The base notes are Sandalwood, Warm cedarwood, rich vanilla and sheer musk. If I’m honest I just smell a musty fruity scent but I love it and even my boyfriend complimented the smell!

Soap Dodger Hand Lover's Gift Set Hand Repair BalmSoap Dodger Hand Lover's Gift Set Hand Repair BalmThe Hand Repair Balm contains olive oil, shea butter and lemon wax and is meant for areas that need extra care or you can use it sparingly as a hand cream. It smells gorgeous, similar to Kelleher’s Karma in Hand Love but it’s slightly stronger and sweeter. At first I wasn’t sure if the texture was meant to be how it is but apparently it is! I really like this product as a treatment for parts of my hands that need extra care as I find that as a hand cream it takes a little too long to soak in for me personally – I’m impatient.
Soap Dodger Hand Lover's Gift Set Hand Butter Love Soap Dodger Hand Lover's Gift Set Hand Butter Love

Butter Love, also labelled Hand Love on the website, contains mango butter and rice bran oil and is best used as an intense cream that is applied before bed using the moisturising gloves to allow it to soak in. FYI I can still use my phone when wearing the gloves ;). It can be used in the day if you’d rather but be sure to use small amounts because it does tend to leave your skin oily for a while. I plan to use this as much as I can remember (ie. probably not every night but I shall try!) because it left my hands so so soft. I’m really impressed with this product.

Soap Dodger Hand Lover's Gift Set Hand Cuticle Balm Soap Dodger Hand Lover's Gift Set Hand Cuticle BalmThe Cuticle Balm has rich butters, beeswax and essential oils in and smells like a musty citrus, similar to Kelleher’s Karma, but more lemon-y. This can be used daily and you rub it into your cuticles to keep them soft and moisturised, which is why it’s handy to use before pushing your cuticles back. I think I might actually prefer this to my previous favourite choice, of Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, simply because it has a much nicer feel on my skin (and it’s a fraction of the price…).

Overall, I love this little bundle and I think it’s a prefect gift for someone or if you want to treat yourself. It’s good value for money at £16 considering the amount of each product you get, they’re all full sized and it leaves my hands feeling baby soft – which is what I was after 🙂 One thing I will say is that the Butter Love is dated BB May 2016 and it’s a pretty big pot so I’m not sure if I’ll use it all by then but we shall see!

I’ll give you the links and prices of the products individually in case you want to try any of them out:

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