Barry M a/w 2015 nail care

Barry M New Nail Care Products

Hello there 🙂

The other week I happened to see the instagram post from Barry M for their new nail care range they’ve released exclusively for M&S so of course I headed there the next day to pick them up.

Barry M a/w 2015 nail care

Now, these retail at £4 in M&S and they had a 2 for £6 offer on so I decided to pick up just 2 of the 4 available because I thought these would be the ones most useful to me. The other 2 that I didn’t purchase are Mani Mask Nail Paints which are “specially formulated to Camouflage, Colour and Condition that will give you a semi-matte finish that strengthens and conditions nails. .”  It’s available in 2 colours, Bashful and Birthday Suit.

Barry M a/w 2015 nail care

Both of the polishes have the newer wider/flatter/rounder brush which I prefer and although they are coloured they both dry clear.

Barry M a/w 2015 Super Mani 7 in 1

Super Mani 7 in 1 treatment is a twice weekly nail treatment and basecoat that encourages growth, strengthens with keratin, nourishes with organ oil, promotes shine, hydrates with vitamin E, smooths the nail surface and protects from breakage. It apparently also has bamboo in it, although I’m not sure what this will do for my nails – feel free to inform me if you know!

Barry M a/w 2015 Iron Mani Ultimate Nail Hardener

Iron Mani Ultimate Nail Harder is a twice weekly nail treatment and basecoat that strengthens and smooths and prevents breakages.

I really need these right now as my job take it’s toll on my nails and hands so they need a little boost.  I’ve been trialling these for a bit and I haven’t seen a hug difference but then again I’ve only applied them 3 or 4 times each. I’m not sure how best to tackle using these but at the moment I’m alternating between the 2 so I apply them alternatively twice a week each. I haven’t noticed anything bad about them and I do think I’ve seen a bit of a difference so for the price I would say give them a shot 🙂


C x

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