October 2015 Nailbox

October 2015 Nailbox Review


Sorry this has taken me so long to write, I had a lot of hours at work recently so I haven’t have time at all. But I’m here now and I have the October Nailbox for you 🙂 Sorry for the awful photos :(. Autumn in the UK brings terrible photos for me I’m afraid.. I’m trying to sort out my lighting issues but I’m having to wait for pay day so we’ll have to put up with it until then.

October 2015 Nailbox

The Elegant Touch nail scissors are pretty self explanatory.. and I don’t actually use scissors on my nails but I’m sure i can find some other use for them. I have tried the Nicole by O.P.I Drying Drops and while they did dry my nails to touch pretty quickly they left my nails feeling a bit oily which I wasn’t really a fan of. It contains 15ml of product and costs around £7.90 from what I could see online.

Rimmel Caramel Cupcake

Rimmel Caramel Cupcake  is a nude/pale caramel colour with a soft shimmer to it. it applied well in 2 coats and dried pretty swiftly, although I never have been too sure on the whole 60 second claim of this range but hey ho. I didn’t think this would suit me but I went on to use it as a base for this nail art on instagram. It is 8ml and costs £2.99 in stores.

Nails Inc Kensington High Street

Nails Inc Kensington High Street is a gorgeous deep wine colour, which actually has a more pink undertone in person. It applies perfectly in 2 coats and as you can see is super shiny! I did find that the lid is a bit awkward to hold but other people might not struggle so much. This is also 8ml and it retails at £15 so that’s the cost of the box covered! Essie Summit of Style Essie Summit of Style

Essie Summit of Style is my first ever Essie polish and it’s stunning. It’s made up of a clear base filled with medium, small and tiny gold hex glitters. I used the sponge method to apply this, hence why it’s a bit messy (I was in a rush: 😦 oops). It would also make a great topper. it’s 13.5ml and costs £7.99 – in Boots at least!

So there we have it, a stunning box of autumn colours with my favourite products being Kensington High Street and Summit of Style. You can check out the last box here and just a reminder that this box costs me £15 a month and you can subscribe over at nailbox.co.uk.

C x

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