November Nailbox 2015

November 2015 Nailbox Review

Hello! I return! Again!

Sorry for being absent again.. same old story. I’ve been working 50-60 hour weeks again and then my MacBook Air broke. AGAIN! But it’s actually fixed now and I’m finding some time on my day off to write this for you all, even though I know it’s late and I’ve had these polishes ready to be swatched for at least 2 weeks. So let’s crack on with it…


So this months theme is christmas of course! Yay! Candy Cane included. The Orly nail file that’s been put in the box is a little too coarse for my natural nails but I expect it’s great for use on the Elegant Touch press on nails. It retails at around £2. The Totally Clear nails in short oval cost £4.65 and are actually pretty decent. I’m actually wearing one on my middle nail because I had an annoying break yesterday and it’s not bugging the hell out of me like normal false nails do. Admittedly I did file it down to match my other nails but I could see myself using these in an emergency! Just got to wait and see how long it holds up for.


Rimmel London Lasting Finish in Double Decker Red is a true bright red that although lacks a christmassy name is perfect for this time of year. It dries quickly and I could have gotten away with only 1 coat, here 2 is shown, it’s also on the budget end of the price scale at £2.99 for 8ml.


True Brit London Park Lane is a dark green creme. It doesn’t apply very opaque to start with but by the second coat, as shown, it evens out. Its 10ml in size and retails at £12.95

O.P.I Happy Anniversary is a gorgeous shimmery white-silver polish that I normally wouldn’t look twice at but after trying this out I think I have changed my prejudice towards sheer polishes. This is 2 coats but it builds to a more opaque colour in 3-4 coats. This is a full sized product at 15ml and retails at £12.50-ish, depending where you look!


And here is my nail art using my 3 polishes from this months Nailbox! There is also a booklet with some nail art design ideas but I decided to try something of my own for this one – it’s a nice idea though.

So there we have it. Sorry it’s so late but at least I got round to it before the next box arrived!

C x

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