Models Own Haul

Model’s Own Christmas Haul


Today I have a mini haul from Model’s Own which I received for christmas from my wonderful boyfriend! He knows me so well! But now he’s fuelling my nail polish addiction and I want to own more of the Hypergel Polishes.

I apologise in advance for the photos, again, I’m still working on the whole lighting situation. I plan on buying a light box this pay day and seeing how that works out for me! But for now you have to live with what I got. At first I thought they were all okay, but upon uploading them to my blog I realised them some of them really weren’t so they’re not being featured! Luckily I got the best shots of my favourite polishes…


First up is this Hypergel in Ebony Green is a gorgeous dark black green. The Hypergel polishes are super shiny and dry quickly and I found they were very jelly but not sheer! I liked them a lot. I wore this one on boxing day.


Brunette Red was my christmas day nail colour! I love this deep red. It looks super shiny and squishy and paired perfectly with my gold topper which I’ll be sharing shortly.


Mint Icing is from the Icing Collection which doesn’t dry to a matte finish despite the bottle being frosted, to my disappointment 😦 But none-the-less this is a gorgeous mint colour. Unlike the Hypergels, they could do with a topcoat to add that extra shine.

IMG_6876IMG_6877Asscher Blue, is a bright blue that’s part of the Diamond Luxe collection. These polishes have tiny glitter pieces in to give them extra shimmer but I have to say I wasn’t as wowed as I thought I would be! I mean it’s a lovely colour but the formula was a bit thin and watery for my liking and it could of done with an extra coat really. I might have to try other colours in this range to really get the feel of them!


Grape Juice, from the Scented range, is a soft lilac that doesn’t really smell like grape, disappointingly… The bottle does, but the polish when wet or dry doesn’t really, it just smells like nail polish. At least I have a nice smelling nail polish bottle though and another gorgeous lilac to add to my collection!

So yes, although these were gifts and I really did appreciate and love them all, you can see that I give my honest opinion and I have to say now I know to head for the Hypergel Collection! Thank you to my boyfriend for helping me out on that one.

See you next time!

C x

3 thoughts on “Model’s Own Christmas Haul

  1. What a lovely haul from him! It’s always a little disappointing when a polish isn’t good (and a bit awkward when it’s a gift…) but I’m glad you were honest! ‘Mint Icing’ does look a little thin, you can sort of see your nails underneath, and it’s a shame it’s not matte, I think it would have been prettier. I was a runner-up in a models own competition and won their ‘twilight’ collection, I can 100% agree with you that the hyper-gels are the way to go! I was super impressed with them too.

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