Revamp: New Year, New Blog

Hello and welcome to my updated blog!

Polishes used: Barry M Matte Mocha, Barry M Matt White, Barry M Gold Foil, Barry M Gelly HiShine Black Grape

I know I’m a week late on the whole New Year thing but here we go! I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, I have to say it’s probably over a year, but I want to include more than just nail posts on my blog. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I have lost my interest in nails (I’ve just recounted my collection and I’ve reached 300…), it’s more to do with the fact that I love MORE than just nails in the beauty realm – such as bath and body products and, yes, even makeup.

So, although this will continue to primarily be a nail blog featuring my favourite (and most affordable, I’m on a budget here…) nail polishes and nail designs, I will be throwing in the occasional bath & body post and probably less frequently some makeup posts. I’m sorry if this doesn’t appeal to you but as you can tell I’ve had a long hard think about it and it’s something I want to do! I have yet to decide the frequency of these posts but I’ll keep you all updated on my instagram, which is where I post most frequently. I hope all my lovely followers and dedicated readers stick around for this and that I gain some new ones (welcome in advance!) I love all the support I get from you lot.

Stick around for the new blog 🙂

Love C x

December 2015 Nail Box UK

December Nail Box 2015


Yup. My first post of 2016 is was actually meant to go up as my last post of 2015! Long story short the parcel had to be redelivered and I only received it on the 2nd of January but lets take a look at it…

December 2015 Nail Box UK

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