Barry M Silk Collection

Barry M Silk Collection


Today I have the Barry M Silk nail paints collection, which was released back way back in Spring 2014 but I finally have them all and as spring isn’t that far away now I thought these would be good to share with you, so enjoy!

Barry M Silk Collection

Blossom is a lovely soft pale pink that only needed 2 coats for full coverage. All of these polishes dry to a semi matte finish and because of the shimmer it makes it appear like a silk finish.

Barry M Blossom

Pearl is as the name suggest – a pearl white! This also took 2 coats.

Barry M Pearl

Truffle is a mushroom-y neutral colour that takes 2 coats.

Barry M Truffle

Meadow is a pale blue-green that is a little sheer as it took 3 coats for the coverage shown below and it’s still a little streaky!

Barry M Meadow

Mist is a lovely soft mid-to-pale blue (sorry not sure where my other bottle shot went, so this is it with topcoat!) It takes 3 coats.

Barry M Mist

Heather is a soft pink based lilac that is perfect for spring and a colour I could see myself wearing. This is 2 coats.

Barry M Heather

So there we have it – a quick look at the Barry M Silk Collection from almost 2 years ago!

C x

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