Max Factor Marilyn Monroe™ Lipstick


I have one colour from the Max Factor Marilyn Monroe Lipstick Collection to share with you today, at £7.99 each I can’t afford to splurge too much. The collection consists of 4 red shades that includes that ‘made-for-you’ shade where according to the description you can “recreate Marilyn’s iconic lip look with Ruby Red. Or choose the perfect red for your skintone: cool tones with Marilyn Berry Red, warm tones with Marilyn Sunset Red, and dark tones with Marilyn Cabernet Red.” I just picked the one unlike any of the other reds I own and gave it a go!

Marilyn Monroe Sunset Red



hey look, it’s my face! well half of it – sorry people, expect to see more of this 😉 

This is an orangey-red which, once I swatched, was a little wary of because I’m so damn pale and I’m still not 100% what my skin tone actually is BUT I really quite liked it on me. Maybe I just happened to find the right shade of orange-red this time round. The application started off a bit patchy but once I had finished putting it on (it didn’t take long) it had a gorgeous finish that left my lips looking healthy. And colourful of course! I did read in the product description on Boots that you are meant to build up the colour and I prefer more of an opaque look so that’s why I wasn’t a fan of just one layer. On another note, it certainly feels like a moisturising lipstick rather than one that dries your lips out, however this also made it feel like it wasn’t long wearing, I didn’t get a chance to fully test this out though.

C x

5 thoughts on “Max Factor Marilyn Monroe™ Lipstick

  1. Love this different post! This is definitely a lovely shade on you. I prefer true reds on me but need to be brave and venture into orangey reds as I think they’re so pretty.


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