Models Own Chrome Polishes

Model’s Own Chrome Polishes


I’m sharing these a bit later than I liked but during Model’s Own most recent 50% off sale I picked up 3 of the Colour Chrome nail polishes, along with the Hypergels that I shared with you last month. I found these really hard to photograph, the bottle shots are different to the solo shots! Grr. Also they show up every flaw on your nails…but apart from that, they’re great! haha

Models Own Chrome Polishes

PearlModels Own Pearl Chrome Models Own Pearl Chrome Models Own Pearl Chrome

This one definitely needed 2 coats because it was a little patchy after one. It also wasn’t really the colour I was expecting once I got it on my nails. It’s a lot more silver than I originally thought it would be, I was thinking more of a white based pearl colour.

Rose Gold

Models Own Rose Gold Chrome Models Own Rose Gold Chrome Models Own Rose Gold Chrome

The top picture is more a match to the true colour of this polish. 2 coats isn’t necessary but it just helps smooth the polish out a bit more as the first coat can be a bit streaky. Again this colour didn’t quite reach my expectations but it’s still a lovely colour.


Models Own Copper Chrome Models Own Copper Chrome IMG_7748

Once again, the top picture shows the colour better and this is what I thought Rose Gold would look like! But hey, as long as I have the colour I’m looking for somewhere right? This is also 2 coats.

Yeah, I found the colours a bit hit and miss here, they weren’t what I was quite expecting them to be from the bottles but I guess I should’ve done my research a bit more.

C x

5 thoughts on “Model’s Own Chrome Polishes

  1. I can totally agree with everything you’ve said! It’s as if they dry too quick and end up streaky and patchy. The colours were also quite different from the bottles although I only own four. However I still sort of like them?…

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    • Yeah totally! The colours weren’t what I was expecting at all – especially the rose gold but yes. I still like them 🙂 I just know now not to expect them to look like the bottles


  2. I love these colours, they’re so pretty. Although yours swatches were disappointing for you, keep trying with them, I’m sure you’ll find a way to wear them how you like xx


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