Models Own Festival Lipstick Collection

One Year On: Model’s Own Festival Lipsticks Review


Yes I have been hoarding these lipsticks for almost a year now, ever since I won them in a competition. I never had the intentions of swatching them for you back then but since I’ve started adding beauty products into my blog I though ‘why not? I already swatched the nail polishes’ (here), which I only just recently learnt they glow in the dark! Anyway, the lipsticks are a collection of bright popping summer colours with colourful packaging to match.


Daisy Chain 


This is a really pale baby pink that does absolutely nothing for me. I couldn’t get a good application and really isn’t meant for pale skin. Maybe on someone more tanned it would look but for me it’s a definite no go.

Gone Glamping


A bright fuchsia pink that applies nice and creamy. I think it kinda suits me, as pinks go.

Main Stage


Another bright popping hot pink, slightly darker than Gone Glamping, which is also lovely and opaque on application.



Although this looks like a peachy red in the tube it comes out a pink toned red on my lips, which wasn’t what I was expecting, but it’s good all the same. I feel the colour pay off wasn’t as good with this one as the two pinks.



An orange toned peach, another colour that surprised me because I didn’t think it would suit me at all but I kind of think I can pull it off. It probably does look better on people that aren’t as pale as me though.


Okay, so I’m not a fan of the cardboard packing, it makes them feel cheaper than they are and it’s kinda hard to get the lids back on and I definitely won’t be using Daisy Chain – ever – but overall this collection is great for summer and if I went to festivals (which I don’t) I could see myself wearing these bright lip colours. Application is good for most and  they have a creme finish, even though they look matte when untouched in the tubes. I can’t say much about how they last because I haven’t actually worn any of them yet but I can get a feel that they won’t be too bad.

You can still buy these from Model’s Own and Superdrug for £4.99 – a pretty decent price.

C x

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