Lush Merry Christmas Gift Box

Lush: Merry Christmas Box


Yup, okay I get it – it’s March so why the hell am I writing something about Christmas? Okay, it’s because I’ve only just gotten round to trying all the products in the box! I received these as a gift for christmas and they’re my first ever lush products but definitely won’t be my last. There were 5 products in the box, 4 bath bombs and 1 bubble bar – all of which are vegan friendly.


Lord of Misrule – Revel in the bath with this wine-coloured, mystically-scented bath bomb.  (200g)


This one is made up of two colour layers, the green on the outside and a wine colour in the core which makes for a pretty spectacular coloured bath. It has a spicy herbal scent which I love at christmas and it even contains popping candy! which was a lovely surprise. It actually turned out pretty bubbly – this surprised me because any bath bombs I’ve used before haven’t particularly created many if any bubbles and I LOVE a bubbly bath. As for after this bath? It left my skin feeling smooth and moisturised and the smell stuck around for a while after which I really loved.

Dashing Santa – Santa’s dashing around delivering cheeky mandarin oil and lustrous snowflake-shimmering waters. (100g)


Okay so this one isn’t as vibrant as the first one I tried but it still creates a lovely colour in the water. It has a citrus scent which is another favourite of mine, I love fruity body products, but that didn’t last very long once it had dissolved in the bath. The foamy-ness which was created during it dissolving also kind of disappeared pretty swift but it did leave my skin lovely and soft again.

Cinders – You shall go to the ball for crackling firesides scented like hot punch fruit. (100g)


This is one of the smaller bath bombs, contains popping candy and has a cinnamon scent. It turned my bath a weird yellow green colour with wasn’t really for me and there wasn’t any foaming or bubbles from this one BUT the crackling sounds were a great addition and the scent just reminded me of christmas baking.

Peeping Santa – Put the ‘ho ho ho’ into your ho-lidays with this cheeky, shea butter and strawberry Santa. (125g)


I was really looking forward to this one as I’ve heard a lot about the bubble bars, especially that they can have more than one use if you break them up. This little guy has a strawberry scent which isn’t very christmassy unfortunately however this became irrelevant to me once I started running part of him under the tap – instant bubbles! They stayed around for the whole bath and the water also turned a festive red. Because it contains both shea and coconut butter my skin felt amazing after this one and it has converted me to a bubble bar gal. Don’t get me wrong I will still use bath bombs too. The only sad thing about my Peeping Santa is that I ended up dropping the whole thing in so I only got one use 😦

Golden Wonder For a golden, lustre filled bath with refreshing lime oil and the uplifting scent of a sparkling cocktail. (200g)


Sadly, during the time of my laptop failing on me multiple times a month or so ago I lost the picture I took of this one but it’s the infamous gold and white gift shaped bath bomb featured in my first picture. It’s another one with a fruity scent but it didn’t feel as summery as Peeping Santa so that’s okay. And wow – I love the colour it turned my bath. I hadn’t seen a demo video of this which meant I was totally surprised by the turquoise colour my bath became! Then there’s the addition of the glitter and the little yellow stars. Of course it made my skin feel and smell amazing too.

There we have it! Sorry I’m about 3 months late…or 9 months early 😉 but I as I received this as a gift on Christmas Day I couldn’t use them until after. My favourite of the 5 are Golden Wonder and Lord of Misrule and although Peeping Santa wasn’t my favourite it has definitely convinced me to try more bubble bars.

Drop me a comment and recommend some more Lush products to spend all my money on!

C x

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