Makeup Revolution Flawless & Flawless 2 Swatches


I finally got round to swatching my newest purchase – the Makeup Revolution Flawless 2 palette. I’m also sharing the original Flawless palette too, even though mine is old and messy, I purchased one as a gift and I thought I’d photograph it in it’s full glory (and swatch from mine!). I love the packaging for these…

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Collection – an affordable brand!


I have something a bit different for you today – I’m sharing my most recent makeup haul from the Collection range. I purchased all these items from Boots in store when they were all in the ‘under £4’ offer, which to me is a good price to pay – I’m all about affordability. I’ve never been one to splash out on products, I’m too stingy. Anyway, I already own a few products from them that I love, which convinced me to grab a few more items. Does anyone else remember when this was branded under the name Collection 2000? Reminds me of my teenage years so much! Anyway let’s jump in – this is might be a bit lengthy!

Collection - An affordable brand.

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Models Own Chrome Polishes

Model’s Own Chrome Polishes


I’m sharing these a bit later than I liked but during Model’s Own most recent 50% off sale I picked up 3 of the Colour Chrome nail polishes, along with the Hypergels that I shared with you last month. I found these really hard to photograph, the bottle shots are different to the solo shots! Grr. Also they show up every flaw on your nails…but apart from that, they’re great! haha

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