L’Oréal Elvive Extraodinary Clay Review

About 3 weeks ago I picked up 4 items from the new L’Oréal Elvive Extraodinary Clay Hair products – the re-balancing shampoo & conditioner, clay masque and dry shampoo. The range is meant for oily roots and dry ends and is also meant to prolong the time between washes – 72hours is whats advertised. I bought them because my hair seems to need washing every day which is such a pain and it’s not good for the hair – and I’m lazy and can’t be bothered any more!

loreal elvive extraordianry clay review

I wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest, I was expecting it all to be just a gimmick but I was pleasantly surprised.

loreal elvive extraordianry clay review The clay masque is a strange but not unpleasant texture and bright blue! You apply this to dry hair, which takes some working, before using the shampoo and conditioner and leave on for around 15 minutes (I think) and then you rinse it off in the shower until the water runs clear. I’ve heard people say that’s this product has stained their hair blue but this didn’t happen to me and I have light blonde hair! It also says to use before every wash using the shampoo and conditioner but I think I’ll only be using it once or twice a month otherwise I can see my hair care routine becoming more effort and more expensive.

 I picked up the rebalancing shampoo rather than the anti dandruff one available and the matching conditioner. These are just like using regular shampoo and conditioner – nothing fancy – and feel nice and lightweight on my hair. So far I’ve used them about 6 or 7 times and haven’t once felt like there’s been a build up of product which is great.

The dry shampoo (as pictured in the first image) is not, however, something I’ll be repurchasing. I’d rather just buy Batisse which is what I usually use. It just didn’t work for me. It made my hair look greasier if anything, even after following the directions correctly – i.e. Hold 20-30cms away, leave for a couple of minutes and brush through. But no. This is not for me.

The results of the other products though are almost like a miracle for me. Like I said I used to wash my hair pretty much every day but after the first use I went 60 hours without washing it. Which although isn’t the time advertise its amazing results for me and since using them more and my hairs gotten used to getting washed less I’ve definitely gone 3-4 days without washing it. Admittedly with a little help from dry shampoo on the last day but it’s still a massive improvement. I will definitely be repurchasing these and I highly recommend them for anyone who, like me, has to endure washing their hair daily. If the clay masque doesn’t appeal to use just use the shampoo and conditioner because they seem to work just as well without it.

C x


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