Lush Avobath Bathbomb Reveiw

Just a quick post today because I’ve had a super busy week at work. In the past couple of months I’ve taken a few trips to Lush and now I’m slowly working my way through the products I bought. The first one is the Avobath.

lush avobath bathbomb review

It’s a green shimmery colour and smells very fresh and lemony. It contains avocado and 3 different oils to help hydrate and moisturise the skin – olive, bergamot and lemongrass.  It’s aimed at dry skin and while mine isn’t overly dry it needed a good moisturising session.

lush avobath bathbomb reviewlush avobath bathbomb review
I added bubbles prior to my bath bomb as I read somewhere that this ones a ‘fizzer not a foamer’ and I like my baths bubbly. It smells lovely & fresh and zesty which I enjoyed throughout my bath and true to is form it left my skin feeling smooth and moisturised after. The shimmer in the bath bomb didn’t stick to my skin which I appreciated too. This is definitely a re-purchase 🙂 – it cost me just £3.50.

C x


5 thoughts on “Lush Avobath Bathbomb Reveiw

  1. This is my fave ever lush product, I love how lemony and fresh it smells but also how relaxing it is. I usually break mine in half and get 2 baths from each bomb, like you I use it with bubbles so don’t need a full one each time.
    Vicky x

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