Superdrug Vitamin E Skin Care Review: Bio-Oil Vs Superdrug Vitamin E Facial Oil

Superdrug Vitamin E Skin Care Review: Bio-Oil Vs Superdrug Vitamin E Facial Oil

Not long ago I basically threw out my last skincare range from Boots, not entirely because I didn’t like it and the fact it made my eyes sting, but I found my new affordable skincare range that I love: Superdrug’s Vitamin E Skin Care. Below is the photo I shared on instagram when I purchased basically the entire range! (plus a few other bits).


Now, my skin isn’t terrible but it’s not great either and I’m not exactly very committed to looking after it. I’m inconsistent with my skincare regime, I don’t eat the right foods and I definitely don’t drink enough water and probably worst of all – I’m a picker. Any blemish that appears or I feel on my face I tend to pick at it until it’s a horrible little scab that can’t easily be covered when I should have just left it alone because it probably wouldn’t have turned into anything… Anyway rant over about my skin habits on to my intermittent skin care.

I love the whole range and I’ve been using it for a good couple of months. They’re all light and refreshing and smell fresh too. One of the stand out products, I feel, is the Facial Oil (I think this may have been rebranded as ‘Skin Oil’) which is meant to be an antioxidant that “not only revitalises and protects the skin, it also helps combat the damaging effects of free radicals and shields it against the environment”. 


I use this product on any areas on my face that I’ve picked to help heal them and I continue to use it on any previous scars from where I’ve permanently damaged my face to help reduce their appearance. Like the rest of the products from this range it smells fresh and feels refreshing on my face. I feel like it has definitely helped the healing process and I  think it’s helped reduce the scars too but I’m terrible at noticing physical differences in appearance in things like that! But as far as I can tell it’s working.

The reason I’m comparing this to Bio-Oil is because I’d been using it previously and I gave up on it. This was because it felt heavy and a bit too oily on my face although it claims to be a dry oil whereas the Facial Oil feels light and much less oily. The price is also something to note: Superdrug’s Vitamin E Facial Oil is £2.99 for 30ml (£9.97 per 100ml) whereas Bio-Oil costs £8.99 for 6oml (£14.98 per 100ml)!

I’m not just saying it because it’s cheaper (and everyone knows I love cheap..sorry affordable items) but I really do choose Superdrug’s Facial Oil over Bio-Oil.

C x

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