Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte 2 Swatches &; Review

Makeup Revolution have released a second Flawless 32 eyeshadow palette and of course I ordered it as soon as I could. Matte is my thing, although I do like to add a little shimmer sometimes, so I was happy to see this being released. I loved the first one, which I have also swatched, and couldn’t wait to try 2.0.


I think the earthy tones in this one are great, like the rusty/browns on the right and the cooler mauve/browns on the left bottom row. it’s great for those who don’t like to venture too much with their eye look (like me) as I believe even the more ‘out there’ colours are workable.


  1. Flaw, Less, Perfect, Neat, Master, Accurate, Ripe Matte.
  2. Look, Standard, Order, Able, Rate, Finest, Final, Famous
  3. Ranking, Two, Tone, Best, Top, Notch, Valid, total
  4. Whole, Sound, WII, Known, Right, Vintage, Beauty Define

As I always find with these palettes, the lighter shades aren’t as pigmented or creamy as the mid/dark shades meaning the colour payoff isn’t as great and they’re a little harder to work with. Saying that I’ve used worse eyeshadows than the 6 in the top right corner. The rest of the shades have great pigmentation, even the darkest which I sometimes struggle with. You’ll be able to create cool earthy toned eyes with this palette, as well as the using the warmer earthy colours, which I haven’t been able to do before as most of my palettes are very warm golden tones, and all the shades blend well.

This palette costs just £8 from and it is yet to launch in Superdrug (at time of writing).

C x

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5 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte 2 Swatches &; Review

  1. I just did a makeup tutorial with the revolution girls on film palette on my blog! I absolutely love all of their palettes. So affordable but high quality! Planning on binge buying a few on payday! Love the blog post and i have followed! Looking forward to seeing new posts xox

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