Lush Brightside Bubble Bar Review

Lush: Brightside Bubble Bar Review

I’m slowly working my way through my current Lush collection and working out which ones I love and which ones I’m not such fan of. Today I have Brightside, a bubble bar containing tangerine and bergamot oil.

Lush Brightside Bubble Bar Review

IMG_0600IMG_0601Lush Brightside Bubble Bar ReviewLush Brightside Bubble Bar Review

It’s a bright fun colour and turns your bath an awesome orange. I only used a small amount, as photographed, and crumbled it under the running tap which created an amazing amount of bubbles. Although next time I might use the sieve method where you pre-crumble it into the sieve and then run that under the tap because it supposedly gives a lovely bubbly bath! This one smells great to0 because it’s fresh & citrus-y and it lingers throughout the duration of my bath. As always, it left my skin feeling soft and moisturised.

If you like fresh, sharp scents you should also try the Avobath bath bomb 🙂

C x

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