Primark Beauty : PS Pro Haul - Swatches & Review

Primark Beauty: New PS…Pro Haul & Review

Okay, so a couple of weeks ago I popped into Primark to find that alongside their PS…Love beauty range they have released a new PS…Pro range too! It looked like a collection of higher quality makeup products so I decided to take the plunge and try a few items that took my fancy: Longwear Mineralized Foundation, Lip Primer and Longwear Finishing Powder.

Primark Beauty : PS Pro Haul - Swatches & Review

PS…Pro Longwear Mineralized Foundation – 00 Porcelain

PS...Pro Longwear Mineralized Foundation - 00 Porcelain Primark Beauty Swatches & ReviewPS...Pro Longwear Mineralized Foundation - 00 Porcelain Primark Beauty Swatches & ReviewPS...Pro Longwear Mineralized Foundation - 00 Porcelain Primark Beauty Swatches & ReviewPS...Pro Longwear Mineralized Foundation - 00 Porcelain Primark Beauty Swatches & ReviewPS...Pro Longwear Mineralized Foundation - 00 Porcelain Primark Beauty Swatches & Review

First of all the individual packing is so much more sleek that PS..Love, and the product itself with the frosted glass and pump dispenser just makes it feel more expensive than it is. I picked up 00 Porcelain because it actually looked like a good match in store and I was happy to say that it is – finally!

The description on the back claims numerous things:

  • advanced formula to provide the benefits of mineral powder
  • contains Vitamin A & E as well as silica, mica, magnesium, copper, zinc kaolin and manganese – to be perfectly honest, apart from the vitamins I have no idea what benefits these have for my skin. If anyone does know please inform me!
  • smoothes the appearance of skin imperfections and moisturises
  • SPF 15 – always a bonus!
  • provides excellent coverage with a natural, weightless feeling finish

For me personally, one pump of foundation was enough product to apply to my whole face. It definitely felt lightweight and provided a light/medium coverage which could be built up. However it didn’t stick out to me as moisturising, I felt it was little drying so I wouldn’t recommend this for those with drier skin. I also found that the was pretty long wearing. For £5 (32ml) I’m relatively happy with this and if I ever run out it might be a repurchase because I find it very hard to find an affordable foundation that actually matches my skin colour and tone.

PS…Pro Longwear Finishing Powder – 01 TranslucentPS...Pro Longwear Finishing Powder - 01 Translucent Primark Beauty ReviewIMG_0323PS...Pro Longwear Finishing Powder - 01 Translucent Primark Beauty Review

I’ve been looking for a setting powder for a while because I haven’t tried one before but I didn’t want to spend loads on something I might not like so I took the opportunity to try out this one. Once again it comes in its own box and has the type of dispensing system where you tap out the products, meaning it shouldn’t fly everywhere when you unscrew the lid. It’s meant to have these qualities:

  • lightweight, ultra fine formula that sets foundation for a long lasting finish
  • mattifies the skin
  • softens the appearance of imperfections, fine lines and pores
  • talc-free formula that doesn’t dry the skin

This comes in one universal shade, translucent, so it can match any skin colour so I had no worries there. I applied this over my foundation and instantly my face felt smooth and looked mattified, which is what I prefer for my skin. I felt it did also help a little at hiding my blemishes so for £5 (11g) I think this is another good find and I’ll have to see how continuous use goes.

PS…Pro Lip PrimerPS...Pro Lip Primer Primark Beauty ReviewIMG_0325PS...Pro Lip Primer Primark Beauty Review

This is another product I’ve been ‘umming and arring’ about for a while, my lips are never quite lipstick ready as they tend to be quite dry despite my attempts to exfoliate and moisturise them! This product is meant to prep & perfect your lips ready for a flawless finish and prevent the colour from feathering & fading. It also contains Vitamin E to help moisturise the lips.

This being said it’s very difficult to apply! At first I found that it was quite waxy and snagged & pulled on my lips when putting it on but after I warmed it on the back of my hand it became a little easier to do. I didn’t find it very moisturising but it did feel like a good base for my lipstick and when I applied it it went on pretty smoothly. I didn’t get to test the bleeding situation unfortunately but that can be something I can update you on later. I’ll have to do further testing of this product but for now my response is just a bit meh, I could live without it. It only cost me £3 (4.5g) so it’s no big loss if I hate it and it’s made me want to search for the perfect lip primer.

Oh, I also couldn’t work out how to open this at first…it’s a push/click opening mechanism! So when you push on the end of the lipstick it pops out further so you can pull it out, for ages I was trying to grasp the tiny bit sticking out/twist it -duh! I’ve just never owned a lipstick like this haha.

Overall, I’m impressed with this new range from Primark. I’ll definitely be going back to try some of their other products – I’m intrigued by their lipsticks!

Let me know if you’ve seen them in your local store, mine Cardiff, and if you’ve picked anything up from them 🙂

C x

7 thoughts on “Primark Beauty: New PS…Pro Haul & Review

  1. I love the look of the new Pro range and although I’ve not tried any yet, I have a few pieces I’d like to get.
    Barry M have just released a lip primer pencil in their summer drop and it’s so good. I couldn’t live without mine now, you could maybe try that next.
    Vicky xx

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  2. I was recently in London and purchased the foundation in porcelain and I absolutely love it. Unfortunately, I only purchased one bottle and can’t find it in the States. Do you know of anywhere I can purchase it and have it mailed to the US?


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