Freedom Pro Lipstick Kit: Now Collection and Vamp Collection Swatches

Freedom Pro Lipstick Kit: Now & Vamp Collections Swatches

I’ve been eyeing up this sister brand to Makeup Revolution for a while, mostly I was intrigued by the kits they had, especially the Pro Lipstick Kits. Freedom have released 6 different sets and I picked up two of them: the Now Collection and the Vamp Collection.

Freedom Pro Lipstick Kit: Now Collection and Vamp Collection Swatches

Now Collection

Freedom Pro Lipstick Kit: Now Collection Swatches


Left to right: Game On!, Juicy Lips, You Had Me At Hello, Adorn, True Power

Freedom Pro Lipstick Kit: Now Collection SwatchesFreedom Pro Lipstick Kit: Now Collection Swatches

These have a creme finish, so not too glossy but not quite matte either. Adorn has a shimmery finish to them but it isn’t so obvious on the lips. The colour payoff isn’t amazing but I’m currently using a lot of lip lacquers meaning I’m used to highly pigmented products. Don’t get me wrong they pigmentation is still good and they’re build-able.

Game On! and Juicy Lips are very similar peachy nudes, You Had Me At Hello is a bright barbie pink and Adorn and True Power are deep reds, with Adorn leaning purple.

This cost me just £5 for 5 lipsticks and you can purchase this online or in Superdrug stores.

Vamp Collection

Freedom Pro Lipstick Kit: Vamp Collection SwatchesIMG_0648

Left to right: Pure Vamp, Vamp Noir, Dusk Til Dawn, Dark Paradise, Intense Noir


Please excuse the redness around my mouth, I’d swatched a lot of lipsticks by this point! These have the same creme finish as the Now Collection, with Dusk Til Dawn and Dark Paradise being the shimmery colours. The first 3 colours are pretty similar to each other and to the last 2 of the Now Collection but with differing undertones. Again, for £5 I can’t really complain and they’re not the same, just similar! The last 2 are definitely more purple and I was expecting a darker colour for Intense Noir.

You can also purchase these on Freedom’s site and in Superdrug. There is also the Bare Collection, Pink Collection, Red Collection and Far Away Galaxy Collection which I might add to my own collection, I’ll see how I feel! If you’re wondering there’s no duplications, they all contain completely different lipsticks, although they may look the same.

For the price I paid I’m pretty happy with these, I paid for what I got! The colour pay of is relatively good and can be built up and there is some variety to colour overall. The darker colours do tend to bleed when worn alone but if you wear a lip liner, like the clear one I got from MUA, then it’s not really an issue.

C x

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