Models Own Soft Pop Collection Swatches

Models Own Soft Pop Collection

I recently purchased the entire Models Own Soft Pop Collection because they stood out to me! They’re from the Hypergel they can probably be described as neon pastels which I don’t usually go for as they don’t suit me, surprisingly some of them actually make me look pretty tanned. So let’s jump into the swatches…

Models Own Soft Pop Collection Swatches

CandyflossModels Own Soft Pop Collection Candyfloss Swatches

This lovely neon peach took 3 coats to get full opaqueness but is one of the colours that makes me look a little more tanned than usual!

Lilac FlushModels Own Soft Pop Collection Lilac Flush Swatches

This is a one-coater! I wouldn’t describe this as a lilac though, probably a magenta? I also noticed that this one isn’t very shiny, it looks kind of matte…

Sugar RushModels Own Soft Pop Collection Sugar Crush Swatches

I only did 2 coats of this and upon photographing this mani I realised it really probably could’ve done with 3. I don’t think is either pastel or neon but it’s a lovely blue none-the-less.

Cosy PosyModels Own Soft Pop Collection Cosy Posy Swatches

A bright neon lime green that only took 2 coats. I’m not sure how often I’d wear this alone but I’ll definitely be using it nail art this summer.

Lemon PopsicleModels Own Soft Pop Collection Lemon Popsicle Swatches

A gorgeous neon lemon yellow that I could see myself wearing! It took 3 coats but I do find that yellows need a little more to get good coverage.

The colours in the collection are great for summer but there are definitely a few flaws. The formula varies a lot between the 5 polish what with some needing just 1 coat and others needing 3 AND the fact that Lilac Flush wasn’t shiny! It’s meant to be a Hypergel. If you can get past those factors then it’s a good addition to the range.

You can purchase them for £4.99 from Models Own online, and in their bottle shops.

C x


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