Sleek’s Whimsical Wonderland Collection!

I could NOT wait to get my hands on the new limited edition VIP lipsticks from the Sleek MakeUP Whimsical Wonderland Collection. The collection also includes and i-Divine palette and 3 cheek stains but I just went for the lipsticks: I own the original 6 and they have an amazing formula. I did, however, pick up some other sleek products: the contour kit and 2 of the new Matte Me Lip shades. Again, apologies in advance for the lighting throughout! The sun was setting..damn sun. Also this is going to be pretty picture heavy so I’ll keep my word short & sweet. Let’s start with the lipsticks!

Sleek Whimsical Wonderland Lip VIP semi-matte lipsticksSleek Lip VIP Whimsical Wonderland Collection SwatchesIMG_0579Sleek Lip VIP Whimsical Wonderland Collection

Hot TottieSleek Lip VIP Whimsical Wonderland Collection Hot Tottie SwatchesIMG_0584

Fancy Pants
Sleek Lip VIP Whimsical Wonderland Collection Fancy PantsIMG_0585

Big ShotSleek Lip VIP Whimsical Wonderland Collection Big Shot SwatchesSleek Lip VIP Whimsical Wonderland Collection Big Shot Swatches

As I said, I own the original 6 of these and the formula is just as great. These have a semi-matte finish which is amazing because they’re not glossy without drying out the lips! I’m loving the fun colours here… if you’re not feeling too adventurous Hot Tottie is a pretty colour without being too wild. I also noticed (and mentioned on my twitter) that the shade numbers run from 1001 to 1011 BUT 1004 and 1010 are missing… I’ll be keeping an eye out for those in the future 😉 They cost £5.99 each but I got them in a 2 for £10 offer that Superdrug were holding a few weeks ago.

Sleek Matte Me ultra smooth matte lip creamSleek Matte Me lip cream swatches Shabby Chic & Velvet SlipperIMG_0564

Shabby Chic
Sleek Matte Me lip cream swatches Shabby ChicSleek Matte Me lip cream swatches Shabby Chic

Velvet SlipperIMG_0567IMG_0568

After toying with a few other matte lip creams from other brands I really wanted to try the Sleek ones as I’ve heard great reviews! I wasn’t disappointed, although both of these turned out darker on the lips than in the tubes but they’re gorgeous regardless. I think the patchiness is down to my application rather than the formula as I was in a bit of a rush swatching them. These are £4.99, so still super affordable and it means I may have to pick up some more…

Sleek Cream Contour Kit lightSleek Cream Contour Kit LightSleek Cream Contour Kit Light

Sleek Cream Contour Kit LightSleek Cream Contour Kit LightIMG_0575Yet another product I’ve wanted for ages. I like a bit of contouring but I’ve only ever tried powder products for it. I was considering buying the Makeup Revolution cream contour (which is £6 or £8) but it was always out of stock. This was a bit pricier at £10.99 BUT I bought it with the 3 VIP lipsticks in the 2 for £10 offer… which is cheaper than the full price of the item! I couldn’t say no and I’m glad I didn’t. The colours are great for my skin tone and although the darker tones look a little orange they actually blend out perfectly. The formula feels a little oily to me but then I don’t know what cream products feel like because I’ve never owned one..regardless it also feels smooth and is soft and creamy to apply. It also comes with a handy little ‘ultimate contouring guide‘ in case  you don’t know where to put all the shades – which I didn’t! I mean theres 6 of them and normally I use 2 – contour and highlight.

Overall, I’m loving Sleek at the moment and I will definitely be investing in a few more items over the coming months. One thing that stands out for me is the quality and the ‘sleek’ packing that you get for the price.

C x

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