MUA Nail polish

MUA Nail Polish bargains

Okay, so I was in Superdrug…again…and noticed that the MUA nail polishes were only 50p. 50p! So obviously I grabbed a couple, I didn’t go wild because I was already buying a load of other makeup products – as you’ll see in Saturday’s blog post. I already own a few of these and this time I picked up just 2 in the colours Leapfrog and Orchid to add to my mini collection MUA Nail polishI love the diddy bottles, they’re so cute! Also please excuse the fluff in the above photo, they were on my fluffy bed throw before I took these.

Leapfrog – 2 coats, no topcoatMUA Orchid nail polish swacthes

Orchid – 2 coats, no topcoatMUA Orchid nail polish swatches

Neither of these strike me as summery colours but they stood out to me amongst the other colours. As you can see they’re pretty shiny without topcoat and they did much better than the last lot I reviewed and only needed 2 coats. For 50p guys… They’re normally only £1 anyway so regardless they’re really good for they’re money!

C x

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