Superdrug Haul

Superdrug Haul! Ft. Makeup Revolution Highlight Palette

Recently I’ve been visiting Superdrug (online & in store) more than I used to, I think it’s because of MUA and Makeup Revolution which you can’t buy in Boots, but over the last few weeks I’ve bought quite a few items and thought I’d share them with you. I’ve said my favourite feature item until last! 

First up I picked up some Collection face products.

Illuminating Touch Foundation – porcelain. £5.99Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation Porcelain swatchesCollection Illuminating Touch Foundation Porcelain swatches

Okay, so this is an example of why you shouldn’t buy foundation online without swatching it first. I own the Collection Lasting Perfection foundation in the same colour Porcelain and it’s only a tiny bit too dark for my skin – all I needed to do was add a few drops of my Makeup Revolution The One foundation in white to it to lighten it up. However, when I tried the Illuminating Touch in Porcelain it was way too dark for my skin! It’s going to take more than a few drops of white to help me here. I did find that it did give my skin more luminosity, which I quite liked but it is weird for me because I usually prefer matte skin.

Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer – Naked 1. £4.99Collection Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer Naked 1 swatchesIMG_0551 Another example of how you should definitely swatch face products before you buy them. I’m sure everybody knows that your under-eye concealer should be about 2 shades lighter than your base… This is difficult for me as I can’t even normally find a foundation light enough for my skin but the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer works for me. So you know, stupidly, I thought that this one would work great as it’s meant to be illuminating. But no it’s about 2 shades too dark and way too peachy. Another fail and totally my fault but seriously wheres the concealer at for pale people! 😦 If anybody knows of any that’s affordable please let me know!

Next up are some MUA lip care products:MUA Pout Primer and Lip Scrub

Pout Prime £3.00MUA Pout Primer

After being disappointed by the Primark PS Pro Lip Primer I wanted to try another brand to see if they’re any different. I already own the MUA clear anti-bleed lip liner which had a good formula so I thought I’d try their lip primer for my lipstick base. First off I much prefer this formula, it’s not as hard or drying and applies much more smoothly and lighter than the Primark alternative. It costs the same so I would recommend this one just for application. I do find that it helps the colour pop a little more than usual but I may be imagining this…

Lip Scrub £3.00MUA Lip Scrub

So the lip scrub comes in lipstick form and contains little beads of scrub within a moisturising balm that contains Vitamin E. You’re meant to apply all over your lips and then remove with a cloth. When I was applying this I found that the scrub aspect of the stick came very sparsely so I found that it didn’t really do anything. I think I’ll stick to my sugar scrub from Soap Dodger. It’s the same price and you get more scrubbiness for it!

I also picked up one of the MUA Luxe liquid lipsticks too, as it was on offer for £2.

MUA Luxe Metallic Liquid Lips – Blaze. £4.00MUA Luxe Metallic Liquid Lips Blaze SwatchesIMG_0559IMG_0560IMG_0561So the colour of this is gorgeous but the formula is not. I was expecting it to dry but it didn’t it stayed sticky and became patchy very quickly. I’m glad I didn’t pay full price for this!

I also picked up a few other pieces on separate occasions from Rimmel, Makeup Revolution and Barry M.

Rimmel Colour Precise Eyeliner – White. £5.99Rimmel Colour Precise Eyeliner WhiteIMG_0570Rimmel Colour Precise Eyeliner WhiteThis is a little pricier than I normally go for on a liquid eyeliner but it was the only white one I could find, especially in the pen style – my preferred eyeliner. I thought it would be nice to try a different look, I have yet to do so because I’m trying to find the right time, but I’m thinking of just doing a classic winged look with it and a bold lip colour. The application of this is great, it goes on smoothly and doesn’t bleed at all. As you can see you can create a bold or a thin line with the precision tip and I’m tempted to buy it in the black too.

Because I was so disappointed in the Collection concealer I later picked up one from Barry M, along with the much-talked-about lip oil!

Flawless Light Reflecting Concealer – light. £4.49IMG_0607IMG_0606IMG_0605This is a better colour match and although it doesn’t have full coverage it’s very good a brightening the under-eye area. It doesn’t have the doe-foot applicator like most other concealers but sports a brush instead, this doesn’t bother me. In the tube it appears to have a slight shimmer to it but on this doesnt transfer to the face in a sparkly way but rather is the light reflecting aspect. I definitely prefer this to the Collection Illuminating Touch concealer and if you’re fairer skinned I would say that this one would be a better colour match too. I’ll still be using my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer for the rest of my face though as it has fuller coverage than this one.

Lip Oil – Lip Oil. £4.99.

Barry M Berry Good Lip OilI was seeing this everywhere and people were raving about it so I thought I’d give it a try. It has a straight doe-foot applicator and I’m not sure if it’s meant to but it rotated on application which did make it easier to apply. I didn’t swatch this because it doesn’t really show up but it basically comes out very lightly tinted and it smells amazing! But I’m disappointed in the formula as it comes out very much like a lip gloss which I hate. I hate having sticky lips! I was under the impression that a lip oil would have more of a moisturising oil formula. Maybe I should have done more research before buying this.

Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette – Highlight. £8Makeup Revolution Highlighting Palette Highlight SwatchesIMG_0600IMG_0601IMG_0602I don’t remember if I paid full price for this, but I may have. Anyway, I picked this up because the only highlighters I own come in a contour kit and are just matte lightening powders or my Makeup Revolution Radiant Lights in Glow which doesn’t really highlight for me because it’s too dark for my skin and I’ve moved past my matte skin only look and want a pretty highlighter on my face! I was torn between getting this and the Sleek Solstice Highlighter Palette but I preferred the colours and the fact they were all powders in the Makeup Revolution palette – which I think will be easier to work with as a beginner.

The colours in this are gorgeous and feel smooth and creamy when applying. They all have a pearlescent finish with the first one having golden highlights, the middle with peach highlights and the last one with a pinky/lilac highlight! (they don’t have names). But I think all of them are pale enough to work with my skin and I can’t wait to play with this more.

So some of these items were disappointing but the good items outweigh the bad I think!

I also picked up some Sleek products from Superdrug recently and you can see the review of those on another blog post, here.

C x

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