June Splash meebox Review

June Splash Meebox Review

Okay, so I used to subscribe to Nailbox and for various reasons I stopped, I explain it a bit more in my last Nailbox post, but I’ve recently subscribed to a different nail subscription box: Meebox. I’ve seen lots of great reviews and I’m not disappointed with my first box. This month the theme was Splash and featured all Indie brands! 💕 I also decided to do some nail art featuring all the products in this month’s box, so hang around until the end for that. 

June Splash meebox ReviewThe basic monthly rolling subscription costs £20 including postage and as you can see you get a lot of products for the money; I’m already super excited about next month’s box. I recieved 3 full sized nail polishes, 1 other full size product and a couple of other nail art pieces in this box with extra discount codes for most of the brands too. Apparently you recieve 3 polishes every month which is great. Let’s crack on with the product reviews…

A England total RRP £33June Splash meebox Review A England swatches

A England are the featured indie nail polish brand for this month which made me super happy because I’ve wanted to try their polishes for a while but I just could never decide on a colour to commit to. These cost £11 so just 2 of these already cover the cost of the box! I also got a 20% discount code to use with them too, which is a nice touch. The formula for these is great – they dry super quickly and I probably could have gotten away with just one coat.

Whispering Waves 2 coatsIMG_0627IMG_0628

The Blessed Damozel 2 coatsIMG_0629IMG_0630

Gloriana 2 coatsJune Splash meebox Review A England swatches


Mini Mani Moo – RRP £10.43 ($13.50)June Splash meebox Review Mess No More ReviewMess No More is from the US brand Mini Mani Moo and is a liquid latex tape/peel off base that is very similar to my Charming Tale Practical Magic (sadly no longer being sold). It dries really quickly and comes off the skin easily too. There was also a discount code for 15% off.

She Sells Seashells – total RRP £3June Splash meebox Review She Sells Seashells reviewI’ve bought some nail vinyls from She Sells Seashells before but I don’t think I’ve ever used their charms so I was looking forward to using these (see nail art below!). I have small nail beds and was worried that wouldn’t sit flat but they did – no problems there. I like how affordable the brand is too, with these costing just £1.50 per pack.

Nail Mail – RRP £6.95

I didn’t get a solo shot of these product because it was hard to photograph it as it was but you’ll see the design and concept below in my nail art tutorial. Nail Mail is another UK brand (yay!) that makes nail vinyls. I received the extra large 12 piece set of the Mini-Mermaid Scale vinyls and because I have short nails at the moment one sticker would fit onto 2 nails so I think these will last me a while! I also got 10% off for them too!

The Nail Art – featuring all the products from this month’s box:June Splash meebox Review and nail art

1. Apply a basecoat and once dry pop one coat of Whispering Waves on the index and pinky finger and The Blessed Damozel on the middle and ring finger.

June Splash meebox Review and nail art

2. Once the nail polish is completely dry put the Nail Mail mermaid nail vinyls to your middle and ring finger (I cut mine in half) and then apply Mess No More around all your nails.


3. Sponge on a gradient of Glorina and Whispering Waves onto your index and pinky fingers.


4. Sponge Whispering Waves over the vinyls on your ring and middle fingers.


5. Remove vinyls and liquid latex and clean up any polish around your cuticles.


6. Add a top coat and while still wet apply the gold shells from She Sells Seashells to your index and pinky finger and the silver starfish to your middle and ring fingers.

June Splash meebox Review and nail art

7. Once the first top coat layer is dry add a second layer – make sure you wait otherwise you’ll end up smudging your design like I did on my middle finger!!

Sorry for the super long post but I wanted to do an in-depth review AND a nail art for my first Meebox review. I hope the quality of the products continue because I’m really impressed so far. The total RRP for this box is £53.38 but I paid just £20! I can’t complain.

Look out for next months box soon and don’t forget I (try to) post every Wednesday and Saturday 🙂

C x


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