Freedom 22 Piece Pro Offer swatches & review

Freedom Pro 22 Piece Bundle Review

I actually purchased this offer at the beginning of June and have only now just got round to swatching all the products! Which means I haven’t been able to use any of them for over a month – please thank for me that because it’s been so hard not to touch some of the products. As you might be able to tell from the title this Freedom Pro bundle contains 22 pieces including products for the eyes, lips, face and nails – it’s still available to buy and there’s another 18 piece variation too for the same price. It cost me £25 and I’ll tell you how much each individual costs as I go through so you can see how much you save. Freedom 22 Piece Pro Offer swatches & review

EYESFreedom 22 Pro 10 eyeshadow palette smoulder & matte bare

In the bundle you get 2 Pro 10 eyeshadow palettes, in Smoulder and Matte Bare, which normally cost £4 each.

SmoulderFreedom Pro 10 eyeshadow palette Smoudler swatchesFreedom Pro 10 eyeshadow palette Smoudler swatches

The matte shades in this palette came out quite powdery and not very pigmented but the shimmer shades are amazingly creamy and pigmented. Some of the colours remind me of the Sleek Storm palette.

Matte Bare

Freedom Pro 10 eyeshadow palette Matte Bare swatchesFreedom Pro 10 eyeshadow palette Matte Bare swatchesMost of these shades apply smoothly with little fallout but the first 3 shades, again, come out a bit powdery and lack-luster.

You also get 5 mono eyeshadows, which are £1 each individually. Freedom Pro Mono EyeshadowsFreedom Pro Mono Eyeshadows

Holy crap, these are pigmented. The swatches are just one swipe of my finger! They have a really creamy application too. From top to bottom we have Base 204, Gilded 220, Brights 222, Nude 208, Brights 227. I wouldn’t normally choose the 2 brights shades but now that I own them I really want to wear them, as they’re gorgeous colours.

Curl Mascara & Waterproof Pro EyelinerFreedom Pro Curl Mascara & Pro Eyeliner Waterproof BlackFreedom Pro Curl Mascara

The Curl Mascara has a good shaped wand and it makes my eyelashes long and separated but I’m not too sure about curled. Also, it smells cheap and plastic-y but you can’t expect much for £2.

Freedom Pro Eyeliner waterproof blackFreedom Pro Eyeliner waterproof blackThe eyeliner is slightly better quality but I’m not a fan of the plastic tip, I’d rather a fibre one. However, the formula itself is okay and you can create different line thickness with it, so not all is lost. It costs £1.50 normally.


Pro Favourites Lipstick CollectionFreedom Pro Favourites Lipstick Collection swatchesFreedom Pro Favourites Lipstick Collection swatchesFreedom Pro Favourites Lipstick Collection swatches

First up we have the Pro Favourites Lipstick Collection, which contains 5 colours that normally costs £5 for the set or £1 each.Unfortunatley I already own 2 of them but maybe I’ll add them to my giveaway! I swatched those 2 using my own lipsticks leaving the new ones unused. These don’t have great pigmentation but they are buidlable, so for £1 you can’t really complain! From top to bottom/left to right we have Dusk Till Dawn, True Power, Expression, Candy Sweet, Untouched.

Pro Butters LipglossFreedom Bro Butters Lipgloss SwatchesFreedom Bro Butters Lipgloss Swatches

So I was a bit wary of these becasue they’re a lipgloss but as the name also suggests they’re actually really buttery and not sticky at all. However, the pigmentation isn’t amazing and they leave more of stain on the lip rather than an opaque coverage. This migth be because I’m more used to lip lacquers though… From top to bottom/right to left we have Cappuccino Lover, Jammy Dodger and Cats Whiskers. These cost £3 each.

Pro Melts Lipgloss
Freedom Bro Melts Lipgloss Swatches:Freedom Bro Melts Lipgloss Swatches:

Again, the lipgloss title made me nervous – I hate the feeling of lipgloss, it’s way too sticky. But these weren’t overly sticky or glossy, they had a satin finish on my lips and are much more pigmented than the Butters. From top to bottom/right to left we have Debut, Kisses Waiting and Applause. These are also £3 each.


Pro Creme & Highlight PaletteFreedom Pro Creme & Highlight Palatte : swatchesFreedom Pro Creme & Highlight Palatte : swatches

Can we just take a minute to appreciate this palette… Okay, so on the website it says we’re meant to get a blush & highlight palette but I recieved this instead and I’m so happy I did. Just look at it! There’s a rose gold highlighter…rose gold. There are 6 creme highlighters and 2 powder. All of the cremes, top and bottom 3, apply so creamy and pigmented as does the powder and you get a good range of colours too. This costs £6.


Pro Nail Polish ImpactFreedom Pro Nail Polish ImpactFreedom Pro Nail Polish Impact swatchesI haven’t tried any freedom polishes before but these seem pretty good! Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to properly swatch these, that might come at a later date, but when I swatched them on the paper they seemed like they’d be opaque in 2 coats which is what I look for. This set normally costs £5 so that’s just £1 per polish!

Overall the RRP value of this bundle is £50.50 if my calculations are correct so buying it through the offer you’re saving more than 50%! Grab it, because although not every item is outstanding I think the good items make it worth the £25 price tag.

C x


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