Lush: Lava Lamp Bath Bomb Review

Another of my purchases from my trip to the Oxford Street Lush store a good few months ago. The Lava Lamp bath bomb caught my eye because of the awesome bright orange and purple clash. It also smelled amazing – like oranges. 

Lush says: Just go with the flow and get groovy baby. This time machine of bobbing purple orbs – made with 100% traceable cocoa butter – will create the hypnotic spectacle of a lava lamp in your own bath, taking you back to the swinging sixties. A triple whammy of Sicilian mandarin, tangerine and orange flower give this vibrant bomb a fragrance like fruit pastilles.

Lush Lava Lamp bath bomb reviewIMG_0671IMG_0672Lush Lava Lamp bath bomb reviewLush Lava Lamp bath bomb review

The last photo is after I added some bubble bath to make it bubbly, as this isn’t a foamer but a fizzer but look at the colours! And it does indeed look very similar to a lava lamp – love it, I used to have one as a kid. The purple spots melt into bath oils that float around in the bath. The orange-y scent, which is owed to the tangerine & mandarin oil and orange flower absolute, lasted throughout my bath time and the extra virgin olive oil and fair trade organic cocoa butter made my skin feel lovely and soft after my bath.

I’ve seen people complaining about purple staining but I didn’t have any issues. There was a ring left around my bath after but seeing as I was washing my hair I just rinsed it away with the shower – no issues and yes I shower after my bath! Does anyone else do this?

Overall this is a lovely bath bomb but it isn’t my favourite so far. I think I currently owe that title to the Avobath.

C x

One thought on “Lush: Lava Lamp Bath Bomb Review

  1. I love this bath bomb & also shower after a bath. Otherwise my hair ends up all sticky and itchy. Loved this review, it’s great to read something different for a change.
    Vicky xx

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