Sleek Matte Me Reds

Sleek Matte Me Red

Not too long ago in my little blogging world I shared two of the Sleek Matte Me ultra smooth matte lip creams with you and now I have three more, in various shades of red. I picked these up what seems like ages ago now but I haven’t had space on my blogging schedule until now! Hopefully my photographs are better this time around..

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Primark PS Gel Effect Nail Polish Review

Primark PS… Gel Effect Nail Polish Review

At £1.50 each and in such gorgeous colours I couldn’t resist trying these PS…Gel Effect Nail Polishes from Primark. I’ve tried the standard polishes from them and had a bit of an issue with the cheap and chemically smell and the formula, so I wanted to see if these were the same…Read More »

Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb

Lush: Intergalactic Bath Bomb Review

I’m back again with my Lush Bath Bomb review! This time it’s Intergalactic with a combination of a minty and fruity scent that it refreshing and relaxing. Apparently there’s popping candy too but I seemed to have missed that! Maybe I spent too long outside of the bath taking photos before I got in! 🙈 Let’s look at it, because it’s so pretty and sparkly.

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