Pokemon GO! Makeup Gallery Nails*

I can’t remember if I’ve told you but I’m now a Makeup Gallery Brand Ambassador. Exciting ‘ey? You can buy their products in Poundland, so you guessed it, they’re pretty damn cheap! I’ve been using the nail polishes from them for a while and I would definitely recommend them for the price. The brand also does nail art accessories which are also pretty decent! My first challenge was to go and buy* Makeup Gallery nail polishes and do some nail art, and I also have a nail polish swatch for you. Let’s crack on. IMG_0153IMG_0145So above are the products I picked up, along with a base coat which I stupidly forgot to photograph, and used for the next 2 nail arts. From left to right of the nail polishes we have Winter White, Sunshine Yellow, Purple Rain, Sky Blue, Pillar Box Red and Candy Pink. I used the nail art brushes and the dotting tools for my designs too.

Pokemon GO! IMG_0140IMG_0141
So Bulbasaur turned out a little blue (oops) I should have done squirrel but he’s pretty boring in the face! I used all but Purple Rain for this design and added a couple of acrylic paints for the details. Obviously I had to join in on the Pokemon GO! nails hype because yes, I’ve been playing the game at every opportunity and yes I’m an actual fan! I still have my classic Nintendo Pocket with Red, Yellow and Blue Pokemon games.

Instagram NailsIMG_0144

These turned out a little messy, through no fault of the nail polish, but my own need to rush! I always do this and wish I’d spent more time on them but I didn’t have time 😦 The colours took a little more building up than I’m used to when doing the gradients but they dried quickly enough so it wasn’t too much hassle. I also decided to use gel pens for the details and the white looked more opaque in real life than in the photo! Oh well, I tried and I might try and recreate this design another time!

Makeup Gallery LatteMakeup Gallery LatteMakeup Gallery LatteMakeup Gallery LatteThis polish was sent to me by Makeup Gallery to review and I’m so glad I picked this colour. It’s a gorgeous coffee coloured neutral that applied beautifully in 2 coats (almost 1!) and that shine? is without a topcoat! For £1 you can’t go wrong.

Be sure to check out their range next time you pop into Poundland or from the website as they have a whole makeup line.

C x

*being a Makeup Gallery Ambassador I didn’t pay for any of this products out of my own pocket but this is my honest review!

5 thoughts on “Pokemon GO! Makeup Gallery Nails*

  1. Haha, I love these nails and you did great matching the colours to the faces. I’m a big fan of cheap polish but have never tried these. To be honest my pound land is always full to the brim and very messy. I try and avoid it, but I may pop in next time if it’s quieter. Vicky xx

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