Beauty Blender Dupes

Beauty Blender Dupes!

Okay, I’ve been working on this blog post for a while because it’s taken some time to buy the products and I needed to trial them too. Basically I’ve been trying cheaper alternatives for the Original Beauty Blender that are more affordable than the £16 price tag… for a sponge. Yes I did buy one for the purpose of this blog post and just to see what everyone was raving about! I used an Amazon voucher though because I didn’t want to spend that much on what is essentially a makeup sponge.

Anyway, I have quite a few different ‘beauty blenders’  that range in price and in designs so let’s crack on. I’ll start with the Original Beauty Blender and those most like it in style and then move on to the other options. I’ll be comparing the sizes to a mini beauty blender just for comparison. Yes – I’ll be using the term beauty blender generically in this post which may annoy some but it’s easier for me!

P.S. I’m no expert, this is just my opinion from my personal experience. 

The Original Beauty Blender: £16 – available here and on amazon etc. BEAUTY BLENDER DUPESDryBEAUTY BLENDER DUPESWet

As you can see it expands quite a lot when it’s wet, which is how you’re meant to use it when apply foundation/concealer or whatever else you want to use it with. Wetting it and squeezing out excess water prevents the sponge just absorbing all the product when applying it to your face. When I used this it bounced nicely on the  skin without feeling solid or leaving stamp marks on my face. The pointed tip helps to get in the small areas around the eyes and nose.

Opulent Beauty: £3.99purchased at Homesense & can’t find anywhere else! BEAUTY BLENDER DUPESDryBEAUTY BLENDER DUPESWet

This one absolutely balloons in size when wet! Which is great for the majority of the face but makes it a little more difficult working on the crevices. Saying that, I love the texture of this one and its super bouncy and squidgy – I think I might actually prefer it to the Original Beauty Blender and for a quarter of the price I wish I could find more. It’s also good and picking up and putting the product on your face which is all I’m really asking in a sponge.

P.S. Love This Egg Makeup Sponge: £1  – available in Primark stores.  BEAUTY BLENDER DUPESDryBEAUTY BLENDER DUPESWet

Yup, you can hardly tell the difference between wet and dry! It’s pretty solid too and your makeup practically disappears into the sponge even when it’s wet. It also leaves little sponge stamp marks and doesn’t blend well at all. I would suggest you don’t buy this one, but don’t write off Primark just yet… 😉

Moving on to other shape alternatives:

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge: £5.99 – available at Superdrug, Boots, etc. BEAUTY BLENDER DUPESDryBEAUTY BLENDER DUPESWet

Another cheaper alternative to the Original Beauty Blender that works. It grows a lot in size when wet and it has a similar texture to the OBB, meaning it works in the same way. The rounded sides are great for applying the base all over, the flat edge is meant for around the eyes and nose and the pointed end for imperfections. For me the only issue is that it’s still £6.. and it’s a sponge.. maybe I’m just too cheap.

PS…Pro Foundation Sponge: £2 – available in Primark stores.BEAUTY BLENDER DUPESDryBEAUTY BLENDER DUPESWet

Okay, this is the one I’m most excited to share with you, not just because of the price but because it is essentially exactly the same as the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, which is in turn is just as good as the Original Beauty Blender… Meaning this little blue £2 sponge is a perfect dupe for the OBB at a fraction of the price. In my opinion anyway! It may not expand quite as much as the Real Techniques or OBB sponges but it picks up and applies makeup perfectly regardless. I would recommend you spending that £2 just so you can compare it for yourself but personally I’m big fan. The new PS…Pro range from Primark is really impressing me so far…

PS…Pro Mini Pointed Cosmetic Sponges: £2.50 – available in Primark storesBEAUTY BLENDER DUPESWet on left, dry on right.

How cute are these!? You get 4 of these mini sponges in a pack and are about a quarter of the size of the full size sponges. This means that they’re perfect for apply under-eye concealer or for covering imperfections and they’ll also be great for precise highlighting/contouring.  They’re the same quality sponge as above which means they’re probably a great dupe for the Beauty Blender Micro Mini sponges which cost £14..50 for 2!!

Let’s just do a little size comparison summary!

OBB Style: L to R – Opulent Beauty, Original Beauty Blender, P.S. Love ThisBEAUTY BLENDER DUPESDryBEAUTY BLENDER DUPESWet

ALL: L to R – PS…Pro, Opulent Beauty, (Mini PS…Pro), Original Beauty Blender, P.S. Love This, Real TechniquesBEAUTY BLENDER DUPESDryBEAUTY BLENDER DUPESWet

The verdict? Without spending a stupid amount of money on an Original Beauty Blender (it’s ridiculous in my opinion – please don’t be offended! it’s just a preference not to spend loads on money on one product) but keeping the quality I would suggest any of the alternatives I used with the exception of the P.S. Love Egg Makeup Sponge which you should definitely avoid! But you could save yourself £14 and get the PS…Pro Foundation Sponge which is just as good.

If you’re a bit sceptical about the Primark one (you shouldn’t be!) you can always settle for the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. Obviously there are a tonne of different cosmetic sponges you can try out there but these are the ones that I could get my hands on and I’m pretty impressed with the quality of the ‘cheaper’ ones in comparison to the OBB and I don’t think anyone should have to spend £16 to get that quality so shop around!

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  1. I really love the Real Techniques sponge. I’ve never tried the original Beauty Blender but I don’t even feel like I need to because I love the RT one so much! 🙂 xx

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