Sleek Matte Me Reds

Sleek Matte Me Red

Not too long ago in my little blogging world I shared two of the Sleek Matte Me ultra smooth matte lip creams with you and now I have three more, in various shades of red. I picked these up what seems like ages ago now but I haven’t had space on my blogging schedule until now! Hopefully my photographs are better this time around..

Sleek Matte Me RedsRioja RedSleek Matte Me Rioja RedSleek Matte Me Rioja RedSleek Matte Me Rioja RedA gorgeous classic red. The pigmentation is great on this one, maybe a little too great as it’s pretty hard to get off, but saying that I’d rather it was hard to get off than it keeping coming off. This is one of the newer releases in the Matte Me collection and so has the new style brush which is longer and slimmer than the original (as seen below).

Fired UpSleek Matte Me Fired UpSleek Matte Me Fired UpSleek Matte Me Fired UpA darker, vampy red which I adore. It is showing up a little patchy in this photo but in real life it isn’t as obvious and I think with a little more playing around I could get the perfect application. I much prefer this old style brush, I can’t pinpoint why though, and I also think this has a better, quicker drying formula than the newer additions.

Old HollywoodSleek Matte Me Old HollywoodSleek Matte Me Old HollywoodThe swatch of this looks pretty similar to Fired Up but it’s actually much darker and leans more brown on the lips. It’s a little more difficult to apply because of the darkness of the colour and it did bleed a little in places but practice makes perfect.

Sleek Matte Me RedsSleek Matte Me RedsLeft to Right: Rioja Red, Fired Up, Old Hollywood

I’m so in love with all of these shades. If you’re a fan of red lipsticks and a liquid lipstick then you should definitely have these in your collection. And at £4.99 they’re super affordable too.

C x

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